Occult Social Media Is Toxic

Because many people on social media and occultist in particular appear to be anti-social, violent, hateful, are proponents of drug use, criminal activity, are against facts, are clinically delusional, and diagnosed with schizophrenia, I decided to delete my social media and stay away from occult and paranormal cultures altogether. I am very disappointed. It seems as if most of these people just gave up on trying to be decent people and on reality. In my opinion, a culture and a community should empower and help their members work towards something. Most occult and paranormal communities seem to be an affirmation Read More

Consciously Cultivating Boredom

I am actually curious about the difference between boredom versus mindfulness. A while back, I listened to a very interesting podcast that made a good case for why we should disconnect from electronic devices and try being bored. The podcast made sure to make a distinction between being mindful and being bored. I am going to provide a link below, so I don’t have to summarize the podcast. If you are interested, check it out. For one, as a Software Engineer and sometimes a “Data Scientist”, I am always in front of some type of screen. As an overall geek, Read More

What’s New With The Site

So, I have given this site a long overdue haul over. I had the same site design for years and was on Joomla 1.5 that really doesn’t work like it is supposed to on PHP 5 and above. Upgrading to later versions of Joomla would have been a headache, I was not quite fond of the Joomla 3 templates I had been seeing, and WordPress seemed like a good option and is popular, so I decided to pretty much move from an old version of Joomla to WordPress. Another reason why I decided to transition over to WordPress was because Read More

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