Welcome to Noein; a blog on Psi, STEAM, and Psychic and Magical Arts

Noein is really a chimera of mine that covers different topics I am interested in, work in, and that intimately touch my life. I am constantly thinking about things, and I am constantly researching things and consuming media, so you can think of this blog as a means to share it with an audience. This blog covers various STEM content and media as well as psychic and paranormal phenomena and my thoughts and experiences when it comes to paranormal subjects.

Information on Psychic Arts, Magical Arts, and Paranormal Phenomena

Most of the articles and posts I write about will likely be on my experiences with psychic phenomena and sorcery, its mechanics, techniques, and my thoughts surrounding what is going on in the world concerning all things spooky. In addition to the content I create, this blog offers links to parapsychological research and media about the paranormal including podcast links and feeds.

Resources on Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science

On this blog, you will find feeds for popular podcasts on Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science. There are also free peer-reviewed undergraduate Science and Mathematics textbooks. For people interested in Computer Science, there are also some pretty cool programming tutorials and videos.

What does Noein mean?

Noein is derived from the word nous. Nous within classical philosophy is the part of the human mind that is able to discern truth or what is real, though, the concept is pragmatically different than logos. Nous can also be interpreted to be a type of cosmic consciousness. Some paradigms of psychic phenomena propose that psychics are tapping into a cosmological consciousness that is referred to as being noetic. That narrative fits into classical and historical views of tapping into divine or diabolical forces and powers to know the future or attain other forms of knowledge. I decided to name this site after this idea because my methods and techniques are derived from the idea that experience acts as a type of integral.

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