Magic Isn’t Fair or Egalitarian

Magical or psychic influence in politics is intrinsically corrupt and violent. I have been disappointed with the recent integration of magic, occultism, and paranormal phenomena with political propaganda. Left-leaning political groups and progressive forms of occultism claim they use magic to combat alt-right ideology, disparity, corruption, and inequality. Attempting to use magical forces to do this is hypocritical and corrupt.

Many people confuse the emotions of jealousy, envy, anger, and hatred. Jealousy is an emotion tied to feeling insecure and that you will lose something. For example, a friend might be jealous of their friend’s boyfriend because they feel like they are losing time with their friend. Envy, on the other hand, is more insidious than jealousy. Envy is a feeling that another person diminishes you because of what they have or who they are where you feel a desire to diminish them. For example, if a person has more money than you, you might feel diminished because they have more money than you where you will not feel relief from distress until you see them diminished. Hatred is an emotion that is an aggregation of other emotions, such as envy. The difference between short-lived anger and hatred is that hatred accompanies a fixation on erasing the target of a person’s hatred through destruction and violence. Resentment can lead to envy, envy can lead to hatred, and hatred can lead to violence. Collectively, that violence harms human civilization as a whole

The arguement I have been seeing driving much of the propaganda on radical wings of the right and the left seem to follow a similar formula. They stir up resentment by pointing to a group they label as elites, they point to supposed corruption, use misinformation in their argument, play on people’s resentment and envy, and incite violence and hatred. Various occult groups have been plugging this into some greater spiritual narrative that unifies people into feeling like they are part of something. The common point of resentment is resentment of corruption, disparities, elites, and the perception of being untreated unfairly. The problem with attempting to use a psychic or magical art to fix these problems is that the act is corrupt.

Magic Is Not Fair

Psychic phenomena or magical influence appears to influence physical systems by shifting the harmonics and probabilities of physical systems. Magic can shift the state of future systems by creating a teleology. A teleology is an inevitable point that draws events so that there is a level of inevitability. Mathematically, this is an attractor, and that attractor constrains events. Magical or psychic influence on a pair of six-sided dies is an example of how magical attractors work. To influence the results of how a dice is rolled, a person can intend for the sum of the outcome to be what they intended. Magical influence realizes their intention by the events that lead to that sum being the only events that can happen. The states that would have to happen to get sixes are one and five, three and three, or four and two are the only ones that can happen. The events are constrained. The system evolves in conformity with the defined teleology. This video is a great explanation on how how attractors work, their relationship to chaos, and how attractors relate to differential equations:

How the goal of the spell or psychic action is actualized is through the path that requires the least amount of change. Statistical relationships and properties are statistical rules. Algebraically, relationships among things are also rules. The evolution of the physical system without the intervention of a psychic influence would have followed one set of rules; however, that intervention created a deviation and change in the system’s evolution per a definition of a different set of rules that constrained the system. Psychic or magical intervention created a new set of rules in conformity with the system’s fate or end state. That changes the system’s fairness because it makes the system more ordered in the direction of the intent.

By manipulating the future probabilities, we use psychic or magical influences to coordinate events through a retro-causal influence. A rock breaking a glass window and landing on the floor of someone’s living room is an illustration of that. If a person were in their apartment one day, and a rock flew through their windows, breaking it, and landed on the floor, the glass of the window would shatter. Since the rock broke the glass in the window’s structure, the glass is in a disordered state. The shards of glass would be lying on the floor of the apartment along with the rock. If a camera captured this, when we played the recording, we would see that. However, if we were to view this event in reverse, we would see the randomly lying shards of glass fly into the windowpane while organizing itself into a window where it appears to meet the rock at the right time (the glass would fly into place at the point of contact with the rock). When we reverse it, we see a coordination of events through timing and the position and arrangement of objects.

Another illustration is if we recorded paper going through a shredder. When we view the event going forward in time, we see the paper go in, and paper shreds go out. If we were to view these events backward, we would observe shreds fly up into the shredder in an organized and coordinated way. Paper would come out at the other end where the shreds seem to meet things at the right moment. When a psychic or magical influence manipulates a future moment, a psychic or magical teleological influence exerts a retro-causal influence analogous to watching something in reverse. It coordinates and orders a series of events that draw things to that outcome.

What if a person got a vision of a rock smashing into their window minutes before it happens? After seeing the future, the person can choose to open up their window and change things around in their house. When the rock does come through the window, it does not break the window or anything in the apartment. A person attained information from the future. Based on that information, that person decided to rearrange things so that the rock did not break anything. That is technically a reversal of states through the decisions a person makes from psychically attained information.

While the amount of chaos increased because human decisions are extensions of stochastic and chaotic attributes of consciousness, paradoxically, the amount and disorder did not increase due to the relationship between a future moment and that person. Because there is a greater degree of organization and information with a decrease in disorder, that can even lead to a state’s reversal I.e. the glass in a window is not broken by the rock, though, that was its future. That is an empirical reason why psychic phenomena is not fundamentally physical.

Fair, unbiased, random, and disordered have a similar connotation. The antonyms of the words mentioned earlier are unfair, biased, nonrandom, and ordered. Mathematically, a fair system is a system where one outcome is not likelier than the other outcomes in that system. That also makes it random. Because there is no sequence of having to move through a previous value to get to the next one, a random system is disordered. When a person shifts probabilities in a random system through psychic or magical influence, a person is imposing information on the system that creates a structure, organization, and order. That structure guides the outcome to a teleological end. That skews and biases the system’s randomness in an order that conforms to the person’s intentions. Magical and psychic operations make a fair system unfair and biased. It does this by creating a different system of rules that the system’s entities follow, redefining the system’s statistical properties.

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