Psychic Energy & Psychic Fields

While the loops may seem exotic, we experience loops in how we measure cycles of time. 0, 12, and 24 are congruent to each other on a clock. 0 AM, 12 AM, and 24 are in the same position as any other multiple of 12 on a clock. These times indicate the end and start of a day. Physical instances of energy are derivatives of time. Physical energy is conserved because energy is a property that corresponds to time, and there is a time translation invariance with forms of energy here on Earth. Fourier Transform shows that we can deconstruct any time-dependent thing into a sum of sines and cosines. Time translation invariance causes a conservation of energy. Whether or not energy is always conserved on a cosmological scale is controversial because energy conservation is related to time being static. Cosmological Redshift in Special Relativity shows that energy is not always conserved because time translations are not always invariant.

Many people frequently conflate infinite energy with infinite influence and magnitude, so if energy is not conserved, some people incorrectly conclude that one has an infinite amount of potential to displace and change a system. Because people do not infinitely displace, transform, and change systems though energy is not conserved, people intuitively believe energy is conserved. An infinite amount of energy does not necessarily result in an infinite amount of influence because of asymptotic behaviors. An asymptote is a line a curve approaches as it heads towards infinity. An example of such a relationship is the rational function:

As gets x approaches 0, the output gets infinitely large, and there is no limit to its growth. On the other hand, it can get infinitely small yet never be 0. These evaluations demonstrate this: f(1/100)=100; f(1/1000000)=1000000; f(100)=0.01; f(1000000)=0.000001. Since the graph’s vertical line tends towards positive or negative infinity at 0, this is a vertical asymptote. This rational function is an example of a singularity because one of the parameters tends towards infinity.

A more complex rational function demonstrates asymptotes as well. The horizontal asymptote for the above function is 10. As x approaches -100.09980, the output approaches 10 or -10. This function tends to infinity at the singularity point -100.09980, but the output can level off at the horizontal asymptote 10 or -10. For example, f(900000000000000)=10. As the input grows, there is a convergence on 10. That means that an infinite input does not necessarily imply that the output will approach infinity. In various paradigms of “energy work,” many people attempt to increase their ability to change a system by increasing the amount of energy they direct at something. Many energy workers notice that it does not cause much of a difference. That is because of asymptotic behavior.

The Infinite Series video created PBS Digital Studies does a job explaining singularities in Singularities Explained.

Energy describes the orientation of a system, and the orientation of a system corresponds to rotations within a vector space. A function that corresponds to rotation is a sine function. A sine function is a periodic function with no vertical asymptotes and an infinite number of inputs; however, no matter the input, the function’s output is bounded by 1 or -1. As this example demonstrates, the function extends for infinity over the x-axis; however, for f(x)=sin(x), it goes no higher horizontally than 1 or no lower horizontally than -1.

Energy is an abstraction of relationships, correlations, functions, and symmetries that correspond to change and orientation. Energy is an abstraction that encapsulates linear transformations for denoted entities. Another way to think about such an abstraction is as a model. In an abstract and intuitive sense, energy is the notion of change, transformation, influence, and interaction. With that in mind, we can treat psychic energy as an abstraction for how psychic entities change, transform, interact, and influence things. Psychic energy would be an abstraction for linear transformations and interactions of psychic entities.

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