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Life Energy, Vitalism, and Organic Chemistry

Earlier in this post, I distinguished psychic energy from life energy, subtle energy, ethereal energy, and astral energy. When I refer to “life” energy, I am referring to a vital force. We are alive, a tree is alive, and bacteria is alive. However, what is not alive is a rock, a knife, a pile of ash, and other inanimate objects. Vitalism proposes that the difference between living, inanimate objects, and dead things is a fundamental force. A corollary of that proposition is that molecules found in life (organic molecules) cannot be synthesized outside of a living being because living beings have a vital force that nonliving things did not. Vitalism proposed that only living things could produce organic dyes in vivo. A vital force resembles ideas of a spirit or soul in animistic paradigms. Qi, vital energy, spirit, and ethereal energy have similar connotations such that they can denote approximately similar things. Vitalism was an early model like the idea that evil spirits caused illnesses.

In 1828, Friedrich Wöhler synthesized urea in vitro (outside of a living organism) in what is now known as Wöhler Synthesis. Because we can synthesize urea, and other more complex organic compounds, in vitro, that implies that all molecules found in cells can be synthesized outside cells chemically. Consequently, this implies that life supervenes on Chemistry. A vital force is not necessary to create theories for life. Since vitalism was a model to explain the energy of life, and the energy behind life is chemical, life energy is the organic chemistry of a being. In a metaphysical sense, the psychic system I stated that facilitates psychic abilities is an entelechy; however, it is unnecessary for life. Life can still be life without it, and it is not a necessary aspect of the consciousness generated from our brains, albeit will and the ability to make decisions would be more limited without a psychic entelechy.

Sensitivity is the potential to be affected by a type of signal. A signal is a spectrum that carries redundancies, symmetries, and correlations that can be translated. For example, our eyes use photosensitive chemicals in rods and cones to facilitate eyesight. Vitalism proposed that organic compounds can only be created in vivo and not in vitro. Vitalism proposed that the kidneys can only create urine because the kidneys contain a vital force or qi. Wöhler Synthesis falsified the hypothesis that only living things can synthesize organic compounds in vivo. It also showed that life is a chemical process. If vital energy is chemical, living bodies manipulate vital energy by metabolic processes like eating, breathing, and excreting wastes from those processes.

Organic chemistry shows that life is an extension that emerges from chemistry and that there is no distinction between the chemistry of an organism and the life energy from an organism. The oxygen we breathe in and the carbon dioxide we breathe out is a chemical process called cellular respiration. That means we can manipulate our life energy by how we breathe, what we eat, and other things that fall into the category of health and fitness. Sensitivity, in this context, is the information we get from our senses. Vital energy is chemical energy.

Since psychic signals are not chemical, it is not dependent on biological, temporal, or chemical signals, albeit the cascade of chemical changes that happen consequently are perturbations that register the influence. Translations in a psychic field and the potential to cause changes because of the symmetries in that translation makes it a signal, but it is not a chemical signal. Since sensitivity to chemical processes is not necessary to learn how to manipulate psychic forces, becoming more sensitive to that energy is not necessary to perform psychic actions. From the perspective of holistic medicine, it can be a therapeutic model, but it is not a good model for non-local psychic phenomena.

Unlike a smartphone, a rock has no means to determine its orientation, but a rock and a smartphone are accelerated by gravitational fields, nonetheless. A smartphone can register its acceleration while a rock cannot, but they both have potential energy within a gravitational field. The information that an object can get from a non-contact field is not proportional to the force or energy that field can impart on that object. Sensitivity is an overrated concept within occult and paranormal paradigms.

In Western occultism and Eastern mysticism, ethereal and spirit are synonymous with each other. In mysticism, vital forces flow through the air, land, and water, and we breathe in vital energy, ingest it through food, or drink it in. That is intuitive because if we do not breathe, we die, and we cannot see what is in the air that keeps us alive. We now know that thing is oxygen, and we need it for cellular respiration, which is a chemical reaction. Many holistic paradigms of energy work extend Western or Eastern concepts of vitalism. Subtle energy is an archetypal way of encapsulating these ideas. Conventionally, it refers to vital forces, which psychic forces are not. Because ethereal energy is a holistic health and nutrition model, we cannot manipulate it by imagination to form it into balls or other shapes. We manipulate it through physical movement, diet, and breathing. Depending on the interpretation, psychic energy is a form of subtle energy. I do not call myself an “energy worker” because energy work extends animistic ideas of vital and ethereal energy that are inaccurate. Biological energy is emergent from thermodynamic and electrochemical gradients. Thermodynamic and electrochemical gradients cannot reverse temporal symmetry, violate the second law of thermodynamics, violate quantum information conservation, or create temporal and spatial singularity points by jumping across intervals in time. Since qi is a model for metabolic processes and metabolic processes cannot violate physical symmetries, qi, ethereal energy, or vital energy is not the cause of psychic phenomena.

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