Psychic Energy & Psychic Fields

Similarly, we can think of what a person can psychically perceive as a set where the domain is entities they can perceive. If thirty people are actively reading what other people say on a Discord server, and someone says something, thirty people are reading, apprehending, and thinking about what was said. Reading, thinking about, and attending to what was said creates a vector that references and points to the person speaking. Any of those thirty people can participate in a conversation, so there is a dynamic and random aspect of this network that makes it connected. If the involved people are psychically aware of the people interacting in that virtual space, there is another abstract psychic network with a corresponding field. Reading, thinking about, and attending creates a field that abstracts the collective intentionality of the members. The domain of that field is the ways people can telepathically interact.

Consequently, the fields’ geometry would not fit into an intuitive model of circular layers around a person. There is a shape and a structure, but it is not the shape seen in various depictions of etheric bodies with a spatial geometry. Spherical constructs with local spatial properties do not model remote entities and information.

Because human consciousness is emergent from our chemistry, when we are mindful of what we experience and choose the next moment, we manipulate psychic energy and chemical energy. We can physically express our physical thoughts because we have brains. Our brains exist due to organic chemistry. When we think a thought, that thought exists within our brain. Our brains’ chemistry does not allow our brains to manipulate statistical ensembles or perceive things remote in space and time. Because our brains are systems of heat, electromagnetism, and chemistry that cannot violate thermodynamics, activity within our brains cannot influence systems independent of our bodies. Our willful thoughts and mental actions are local to our brains.

We can interchange locality and causality. The non-local nature of psychic phenomena signifies it is not physically caused. A lack of a scalar of speed implies that a propagation of influence and causality is not physical. The scalar of causality in our physical world is speed. These properties imply a higher-dimensional topological domain, and that field has various symmetries. In this context, one of the most important relationships is its relationship to consciousness.

If information about a person’s thoughts is preserved in mapping a field, the field has a morphism. Morphisms imply a translation of information that encodes information so that there are symmetries, correlations, and redundancies. For the words entropy and entropy, if we switched the word on the right with the word left, the two words would be identical and indistinguishable. Those two instances are symmetrical, have parity, and are redundant. For the words entropy and etnropy, if we moved what was on the right to the left so that we had etnropy and entropy, we could distinguish the two to determine there was a switch. The words are not entirely symmetrical where there is an asymmetry; however, the difference is so small that when it is read, it is possible to discern it denotes entropy, albeit it is misspelled.

We can think of consciousness as at the edge and emergent from a physical causal chain smeared across moments that is further mapped to a higher-dimensional field. From a physical perspective, our present consciousness is the end result of a physical causal chain of events where each moment is at an edge of a continuous process across moments. Physical instances are subsets of higher-dimensions, and there exists a higher-dimensional structure that corresponds with every physical coordinate of our brain. That indicates a bijection that facilitates the translation of information about our conscious experience. So while consciousness emerges from a brain’s physicality, the abstract aspects of consciousness can propagate via a field.

Ontologically, physical and material things are minimally defined by spatial and temporal coordinates; however, that is somewhat arbitrary. While psychic abilities imply higher-dimensional geometries that are not minimally defined by space and time, we could call it another level of the physical world. We do not because physicality implies minimal definition by time and space. We can treat this higher-dimensional topology as extra-dimensional. It is a semantic issue. A superset contains its subsets’ properties, but those properties do not minimally define it. If we remove that minimal constraint, we can define this as a “physical process,” but that is not conventional.

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