Psychic Energy, Consciousness, and Will

…In a generalized sense, energy is an abstraction of the orientation of a system in a vector space and the magnitude required to displace something from its reference frame. For example, rotation around a unit circle provides periodic functions. In the sense of displacement, energy is a differential. You are not using an energy model, because energy models are systems of differentials, periodic functions, and harmonics. You are using a sci-fi plot device. In the sense of Physics, physical energy is a property of sinusoidal waves. Specifically, energy is associated with wavelength. Valid models have consistent definitions and a theory, even if that theory has no relationships with things outside that model. The bulk of psionics and energy work has no theory, so it is not a valid model because it is logically inconsistent. Since the terms are inconsistent, vague, and ambiguous, I have no clue what most people are even referring to. Energy is not an observed property. Energy is calculated, so if we have no defined parameters, we have no way to model energy. We do not necessarily need data or empirical measurements for the attributes of a model. At the very least, energy as an energetic model implies you need some definitions and assumptions. For relationships and notions of change, you need a system of dimensions. A dimension is merely a set, category, or variables. Energy is a scalar that describes how changes can propagate for a system of variables or categories. There need to be defined categories. A physical example is speed. Physical influence has a speed at which these influences travel, so speed is a scalar of the propagation of changes of waves along say a string. Speed has dimensions.

Technically yes, but that’s only one definition of energy. When I say energy, I mean along the lines of electricity is energy or something to that effect. Every occultist I’ve talked to, some with decades of experience, hasn’t really had an issue with that term and it makes discussion easier.

Electric current is a time derivative of electric charge. You model it with a differential… Fourier Transform shows the relationship among electromagnetism, energy, and harmonics. The problem I had with psionics is the blatant and flagrant misuse of the term “energy” and the obvious bad science fiction narrative.

In a phenomenological sense, the differentials are the definitions of intentional objects. The integral is the displacement and topology of experiences. For example, I can imagine an apple. That apple has shape, color, and tastes. That apple is my consciousness using itself to represent an apple where that abstraction depends on intervals of my experience of it and me choosing the next experience. Psychic energy is an abstraction for how experience changes. Everyone manipulates psychic energy by being conscious. A construct is a system of intentionally arranged elements. An imagined apple is a construct whose existence depends on cycles of you imagining it. The psychic energy of that apple is an abstraction of differentiation of your experience. In a mathematical sense, we can interchange causality and locality. If you can cause something to be different, that implies locality, a relationship, and causality. Since you have the power to turn that apple into a flower, that is an example of it being within the locality of your mind because you can cause the apple to be a flower.

Can that apple visualization impact a particular apple outside the locality of your mind such that it causes a change? If you can influence the state of a real apple, that implies there is some relationship such that we can model it as an influence that has some causal power. Because we can observe how it changes, we, at the very least, have a differentiation. In that, “psychic energy” is an attribute of that system of influence. If I throw an apple construct at a cup, will the cup fall over? The answer is no in most cases.

Psychic energy is local to the minds of people. We can learn to control psychic energy by learning to control our “next” conscious experiences. In most cases, it has a limited impact on the world directly. We actualize psychic energy via our decisions and judgements. Natural instances of “psi” are extensions of psychic, local fields that influence our brains just enough to grant another dimension of will but not enough to cure a neurodevelopmental disorder. It is the soul, psyche, or spirit exerting its will on the body by manipulating noisy, indeterministic points of bifurcation in a person’s brain by ordering that noise. That just creates a local field around your body that facilitates an added dimension of choice, like how I can choose to turn on my TV with a remote. Psi is an empirical case against physicalism, since it has no physical causal and local scalars like speed, but instances of it are low magnitude and fickle. Causality is an emergent property from a propagation of scalars and an asymmetry. Since “psi” does not have those, it does not emerge from a physical causal chain. We can verify this by experimentation by having non-local targets with physical boundaries. It implies we are more than our brain… You probably will not levitate a pencil, but you will have more discipline as a person. I have psychokinetic abilities, but I am an anomaly… It really makes no difference, though, if you are talking about the odds of developing psychic powers. Instead of thinking of psi as the power of a spirit to take possession of another physical body – like levitating an object, psi is an extension of a spirit to take possession and control over its own body with respect to willful and deliberate action using gaps of uncertainty at the edges of organic chemistry.

Psychic fields just imply instead of pointing to the brain and going this experience is “here”, you have experiences encoded over the entire brain holistically; however, it encodes information about physically emergent things. I cannot see anything if my eyes are not working, so a psychic field encodes information about physical things, albeit it is more abstract than the physical objects themselves. The important part is the influence it has on dynamical systems, because it adds a dimension to choice and a method of survival after death.

Mindfulness and discipline are part of my practice. I increase my discipline via restraint, abstinence, exercise, and yoga. Actualization of psi or magic is a decision and exertion of will. Contrary to what many people believe, rituals can be compulsory. It cultivates the opposite of will if the spirit of the ritual comes from addiction or obsession. I believe you hung around Veritas a lot… Many of those people struggled with addiction and obsession, so I would take BEA articles from there with a grain of salt. The site has been dead for going on a year, though. Koujiryuu and Prophecy wrote many of those articles. Prophecy started a fraudulent cult and Koujiryuu suffers from severe bouts of psychosis he has not managed to fix, so I would not base an opinion that it is possible to cure psychosis from his writing on qi. I was around when Koujiryuu started to crack, again.

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