Demonic and Angelic Qualities of Humanity

It gets complicated. We can view our psyches as supervening on a macrocosm. Physically, our brains supervene on the properties and relationships of particles, so our brains are instances of space-time and are physical. The constituents of our brain thus correspond to physical forces. Molecular bonds cannot form without electrons, and electrons get their charge from the electromagnetic force, so part of the glue that holds us together is a system of mediation of forces. The same is true for our soul. Daemons are to our souls as a photon is to the electromagnetic force, so elements of our soul and psyche have corresponding daemons. Photons are mediators of the electromagnetic force, so there is an analog in the natural world for the concept of intermediaries of a force. Through those connections, the macrocosm can influence our psyches. A pentacle is a representation of the astral influences of the macrocosm. There is a system of domains of personifications of astral spheres of governance and influence that hold sway over the psyche of humans. You get into planetary magic and such with that, though. If you understand this enough, you can cast a demon into a human body to induce possession. [In Enochian magic and Thaumaturgy, the Sigillum Dei Aemeth represents angelic governance over astral, planetary spheres]…

…Demonic people are people who exemplify demonic archetypes, so if a wicked person can convince you to do something wrong, that is an example of demonic influence.

Archetypes are categories that are generalizations of forms such that we can intuitively recognize an entity as belonging to that category. Archetypes are generalizations of symbols that reference attributes, and attributes are categories and symbolic, too. For example, my PC, someone else’s Mac, a human doing calculations, and a smartphone are all computers. I can recognize different devices as extensional of the computer archetype. Human attributes can denote the connotation/intentension of demonic symbols of demonic forms. Humans can become demonic symbols and act on the world with their actions. That implies humans are symbolic of and can represent demons. Humans can act per the intentionality of a system of symbols as tokens. Laws are not conscious, and they are symbolic; however, they represent the prescriptions for a society such that humans follow them. It is possible for humans to read and act out stories involving demons [such that they exemplify demons through ostension. Ceremonial magical invocation is fundamentally the otension of supernatural and preternatural beings.] Humans can be tokens of demonic systems. Human decisions can expand spheres of demonic influence. A police officer is a person and a symbol of authority. A judge is a person and a symbol of authority where judges and police officers denote domains of authority and the will of the society. Judges and police officers exert that power in their actions. Justice is an abstract archetype, but it has concrete denotations in the form of a system of tokens called the justice system.

Humans exist, and humans that do bad things exist. Those humans can influence others. I find the denial of the existence of others absurd. People who wear literal demon mask that convince others to do harm are real. To deny that is to be absurd. If we define a demonic quality as being wrathful, and a person is full of wrath, they are acting like a demon. Of course, red apples are not red crayons because they are red, but they both possess the quality of redness. People who kill, murder, steal, lie, and do so while wearing demon masks are real. A person who possesses a quality in common with an archetype of a demon (regardless of existential import of a demon) – like wrath; is not necessarily a demon. They are, however, demonic, and they are acting like demonic archetypes. If you believe serial killers who wear masks exist only on film, you are quite mistaken.

To be clear, possession is influence, and evil people that exemplify demonic attributes can influence people to do many things. We see this all the time. The problem with the Internet is that it makes it too easy to doubt the physicality and real-world consequences of things. Very real people can put on very real masks and act like demons such that they kill actual people. They can convince others to do so, too. We call them cults. That is a form of real possession. People really need to understand that a world exists beyond their devices. People do not disappear because you have a negative attitude about them. This idea that we can rewrite reality by not believing in people is absurd….
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