About Psi Balls

Psi balls, and all psionic constructs, are imaginary unless correlated with a real entity outside your mind. That correlation is a change, so you can determine if your imagined construct has a real influence by looking at changes in things that are not your mind. For example, if you intend to shift temperature or influence something, it should do work. Technically, psi balls are unrealistic conceptual abstractions that can model real influences. There is technically no ball of psychic energy between your hands because energy is an abstraction for how objects can change. My recommendation is to loop back veridical experiences of perceiving physical objects using forms of psychic perceptions, I.e., clairvoyance or telepathy. I explain how to make a basic template here: Making Psychic Arts More Reliable: Building Templates.

You can use that template as a model for a psi-ball where one of the properties of that psi-ball can be a property of work.

If you want practice with manipulating electrons, electronics, currents, etc., I recommend classic spoon-bending. It uses Micro-PK to alter quantum numbers of valence electrons to change the chemical properties of the hardness of the metal. I go into that here: Physical Evocation: Micro-Psychokinesis and Quantum Numbers.

Also I forgot to mention it’s difficult for me to feel energy traveling to my arms and hands. If anyone has advice on that it would be greatly appreciated.

You are not feeling anything because it is imaginary. Real attributes emerge from symmetries and correlations among real things, such as the air between your hands. Psychic interactions interact with those mental objects and real things via a higher-dimensional field that is a superset of discrete physical dimensions and how consciousness is smeared across several points in time. Our conscious experience is at the edge of a collection of physical processes, so the act of being conscious is never in a particular discrete moment in time; rather, it is an abstraction of continuous processes smeared across time. It is like having a subject of a picture where the edges of that subject are blurry and merge with the background instead of having crisp contours. You are technically never conscious in the present because your conscious experience encompasses a range of times where your conscious awareness is at the edge. In fact, while the concept of the now is intuitive, the present might not physically exist. Psi appears to be a higher-dimensional field that interacts with these blurry points of physically emergent consciousness, such as where the thing exists in your brain. According to James C. Carpenter in his First Sight Model, psi might be involved prior to that edge of conscious awareness such that it is intrinsic to how we make choices. That field (a spectrum of a property assigned at every point for a space) can facilitate a propagation such that it displaces things per a correlation. Attempting to come up with realistic models devoid of practical epistemological value is not only pointless, it is also not possible. It is like rejecting orbital hybridization and spherical harmonics in Chemistry because they are not realistic.

Technically, psi-balls are not real. It is a convenient abstraction. Holistic and phenomenological paradigms tend to yield reliable results, albeit results tend to have a low magnitude across the general population…

…Examples of statistical properties that create an emergent macroscopic effect are entropy, temperature, and pressure, so those systems are better to practice with if you are trying to learn how to cause an aggregate macroscopic change. Empirically speaking, psychokinesis appears to manipulate statistical ensembles where macroscopic or emergent properties are things like temperature, entropy, and pressure. Organic and biological systems are very responsive to psychic influence because biological systems are stochastic, and dynamical – unlike a psi wheel, such that interactions among biological organisms are more common, I.e. telepathy.

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