Occult Crystals, Occult Metals, and Psionics

Akk_b_unique wrote:

Using magic and psi together… Till where I know magic is about controlling energy externally through candles, crystals, incense sticks etc (although I have never done it) and psionic is controlling energy through ur mind alone. So is there any way to use them together like using crystals to amplify ur precision in tedious task like remote viewing or psychokinesis

I wrote:

The crystalline structures we empirically know interact with psychic fields are organic compounds, such as what comprises your brain. Systems of carbon structures comprise humans, and humans are psychic. An extrapolation of our organic chemistry is that organic and carbon compounds might interact more strongly with psychic entities than inorganic compounds. That implies it might be better to work with graphite or diamond than say quartz or amethyst. It just gets pricey.

Occult grimoires usually use the properties of metals in their magical operations, but there is nothing factual about metals that says they interact more strongly with psychic systems than any other arbitrary thing; however, it is a fact humans are carbon-based and psychic, so an extrapolation of those facts points to organic crystals and compounds. Incense tend to have magical resins. We can view our bodies as a natural amplifier of psychic fields.

Alchemically created compounds tend to have a hydroxyl group and a carbon group. For example, potash is a compound frequently used in historical alchemical experiments. Things made by alchemical processes should boost psychic interactions.

Statistically speaking, if it is conscious, it is probably living, and if it is living, it is likely carbon-based, so the potential to be psychic is probably related to being carbon and living, so crystals likely to resonate with psychic fields and energy are carbon-based, hydrogen-based, or both. An example would be diamonds. A less expensive instance of an organic compound is lead made from graphite is in pencils, so words written in pencils will likely amplify things.

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