Is Magic Psionics?

BunnyGunz wrote:

…Some would consider magic as an extension/expansion of psionics or energy workk/manipulation in general, using various tools and modalities depending on discipline/school. Some may consider magic itself as a subset within Psionics as a whole, adjacent perhaps to something like Reiki…

I wrote:

…how you guys abuse the word “energy” drives me bonkers. Energy is a scalar that describes the degree of how one variable, thing, object, category, and symbol can rotate in a vector space with respect to a frame of reference such that something is displaced. The wave properties of energy emerge from periodic functions, where it is merely the degree of rotation in a vector space that can displace something… Energy is not a thing; instead, energy is an abstraction of change and displacement. Technically, any collection of things that have different possible arrangements connected by some scalar that propagates has energy in the metaphysical and ontological sense because energy would emerge from the ensemble’s propagating changes. A physical example of this is speed…

No, not all magic is extrinsic to local psychic and phenomenological entities. For example, contagious magic is not extrinsic to intentionality, so psychic or psionic entities cannot extend it. Magical systems that propose that physical objects have magical properties where agents arrange these physical object in particular ways to cast spells do not draw their power from a person’s intent; instead, it draws from the magical properties of the objects; therefore, it is not an extension of a psychic force. Preoccupation with psychic and ideal spheres is continuous with Western culture, so preoccupation with idealism likely is why people try to view all magic as psychic. Astral entities and their influence are global relative to a person’s intentionality, so those psychic influences are not extensions of instances of a person’s local intent. Since local intentionality of a person’s consciousness predicates psionic paradigms, global psychic systems are more abstract than psionics. It is like stating the air in our room is an accurate representation of the Earth’s atmosphere, or that triangles are squares because they are both shapes.

The distinction between magic and psionics in online communities is an arbitrary distinction created to resolve normative, cultural conflicts that create cognitive dissonance. It is an attempt to resolve cognitive dissonance. From an abstract perspective, a PC, magic, writing, and psionics are technology, so it is more accurate to state that magic and psionics are forms of technology with unions among their domains. The suffix -onics explicitly denotes a technological connotation in the word psionics

Ironically, magic is more analytical, albeit not always more factual than psionics, so there are better magical theories than psionics theories. There are explicit magical formulas within occultism, so magical operations are more analytical and intuitive than psionics. Psionics is mostly pragmatic and intuitive. Consequently, psionic paradigms and theories have little epistemological or ontological value. Psionics is intuitive, agnostic, pragmatic, and there are few analytical models from which people can accurately predict things to frame measurements. Consequently, psionics is not practical.

The relationship between magic and psionics is analogous to cooking with a recipe, keeping an eye on temperatures, measuring things, using a recipe, or cooking without looking at temperatures, not measuring anything, and not using a recipe. It is possible for excellent cooks, but that would create nothing but a mud of ingredients for most people where it would be harder for an excellent cook for no reason. I think the problem is most “psions” dislike the notion of rules; however, without rules, there are no relationships, and without relationships, we have no analytical basis for the notion of energy, so the paradigm eats its tail. What then frequently happens is a paradigm shift to chaos magic due to being uncomfortable with logic. A good deal of psions become Chaos Magicians. Metaphysically valid magical systems are logical, albeit not always factual. Rationalists thus prefer the more abstract aspects of magic.

Hell, even in fantasy and RP, psionics classes are controversial. I am a sorcerer whose power is psychic, so I use a form of psychic magic; however, not all magic is intrinsically psychic. Psychic magic is just the most common and easily observable.

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