Global Shifts in Psychic Energy and Psychic Fields

witty_dullness wrote:

Everyone is mentioning an energetic shift or cosmic occurrence happening in Oct/Nov. Can someone tell me what’s up?

I wrote:

Psychic energy is an abstraction of consciousness (astral energy is a confluence of reliable, frequent events and cycles; like the seasons), so any cultural shifts or differences among cohorts can shift energy. Any group of people that experiences or thinks about the same events will create fluxes. Dean Radin, in particular, studied this. A field of consciousness is an abstraction of this model. The Global Consciousness Project is a project intended to gather empirical and experimental data on this. Connected: The Emergence of Global Consciousness is a good Parapsychology book on this, if anyone is interested.

All it means is that people are reacting to what they perceive. It is not an omen, in itself. It just means people are attending to October. We have Halloween and the elections coming up. As a telepath, my mind filters out any psychic harmonics not relevant to me out of reflex. Focusing on every wave of psychic energy or its frequency will drive you nuts if you do not learn to filter. All human experiences create a wave of “energy,” so humans produce a bunch of collective noise. It rarely has a collective feedback effect where the energy loops back into the conscious awareness of society’s perception to affect its behavior. Most humans lack the sensitivity to create something mutually inductive. Fluxes in the ambient psychic fields are an aggregation of changes in human behavior. We have a pandemic, elections, and the holidays. Most psychics anticipate these completely routine events so that it does not affect them in distressing ways. Fluxes in energy are literally like changing seasons…

Global psychic energy is a property of a psychic field that surrounds the Earth, like our atmosphere or our electromagnetic field. It has currents, like wind, that wrap around the globe. An intuitive example is temperature. Temperature is a property that denotes thermal energy, and it is also a scalar field. So, how much thermal energy an object has is uniformly expressed as a field. Psychic energy is like that, except it also has direction. Many divinatory practices can attune constructs to this psychic field, like how a compass is sensitive to Earth’s poles. Because people experience things while in highways, interstates, roads, the internet, and other forms of human traffic, human traffic functions like ley lines. Those flows have eddies facilitated by human reactions to events. That creates a curl. Those curls have energy fluxes that can act as attractors. It is like how a dent in a fabric will cause things to fall into it. Yes, we can use those eddies to determine what is happening, but we already know the significance of an election and a pandemic in the context of global implications.

In general, human sociology is dynamical, so society is always on the brink of change. Current events determine if there is a shift, how, and in which direction because of a bifurcation. Humans are always creating upstream and downstream psychic currents by existing. Humans experiencing events create an eddy from currents of those experiences. People witnessing events together, like airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center, create mixtures of streams of consciousness, much like how such mixtures form tornadoes and whirlpools. Those create dynamical points of bifurcation, where society’s choices can lead to drastically different futures. The uncertainty created by potential human decisions clouds the picture since human decision is a moving reference frame all on its own. It is part of why psychics are great at predicting local events but sucky at predicting global ones.

Honestly, psychic oscillations are more annoying to me than enlightening. It is like dealing with a sudden upswing in air pressure on a psychic level. Yes, the psychic ambiance has changed in mostly insignificant ways. I am going out of my way to ignore it, because metaphorically struggling to breathe because the air has become heavier is not fun. You can harness it for power in theory, but your psychic construct will likely mutate because it is chaotic. You are also more likely to change yourself. In trying to use whirlpools of psychic energy from events to cause a change in society, you are likely to be influenced in the direction of that energy such that your choices will reflect the global trend. You did not change anything; instead, you were affected where your working is a loopback into the system. You see this often when people try to change the weather. They end up predicting it because how the system would have changed influences the person such that their intention to change it is per what would have happened, so they end up predicting instead of influencing the weather.

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