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…This is a bit long so TLDR: I experienced pain, met a guy who “worked” on me for about 4-5 hours to “balance” my body. Was extremely tired afterwards and the following days felt extremely sore in parts of my body…

…Anyone have any thoughts? I’m not sure exactly what to think of it all. I know he has helped my pain a lot and I know I trust him. I have a good connection to my instincts, I know that he means well with what he does, but I also know that he is no expert and that he could make mistakes perhaps…

I wrote:

Parapsychological explanations for how psychic healing works propose that it works via either retroactive influence on stochastic bifurcation points to cause a qualitative shift, or that noise is manipulated by shifting future states of health qualitatively. The healer changes the randomness in Biology that exists in the past. Alternatively, the healer could shift the future regarding the injury by influencing the intrinsic noise to create a bifurcation and qualitative shift in the “fate” of the biological system. This paper goes into that: Wellness Implications of Retroactive Influence: Exploring An Outrageous Hypothesis. Rupert Sheldrake explains how an entelechy can manipulate organic chemical interactions’ statistical properties in his book Morphic Resonance: The Nature of Formative Causation.

Regarding pathogens in a person’s body, shifting the noise can do things like change signals to tell the microbes to self-destruct. Our biology is like a noisy radio or white noise on a TV. That noise is randomness. By manipulating that noise, chemical interactions and properties can be nudged about that consequently change biological signals. For example, in Reiki, the healer changes biological signals so that the healer instructs the patient’s body to heal itself in whichever way the healer intends. Because of the redistribution of energy, it can cause fatigue in the patient as they heal. This Marvel Cinematic Universe scene explains psychic healing quite well: Doctor Strange meets the Ancient One.

We can demonstrate the randomness of our biology with dye and warm water. If we were to drop dye in warm water, the dye would diffuse randomly because of Brownian Motion, a stochastic process—processes like Brownian Motion occur in our bodies. Heat creates randomness, so many of the exothermic and endothermic reactions in our bodies create randomness. Psychic manipulation of that randomness manipulates the correlated chemical structures. Psychic healing seems to use the randomness from thermal energy to move things about to restructure proteins, RNA, hormones, etc.

I am not a great healer, but I can destroy tissues by touch or manipulate biological signals in people’s brains to create hallucinations. Telepathy and empathy might be an extension of the ability to interact with Biological information psychically. A lot of the empaths and telepaths I know can manipulate biological entities in some way. I can use this ability to destroy organs. When I use my ability to destroy tissue, the damage is similar to if the damage were because of a toxin, so my touch can be poisonous if I want it to be, so if you can heal, you can also kill. My knack for controlling Biology with my psychic power is why I went into Biology as a field. The power to manipulate living things is a pretty standard ability because Biological systems are noisy like electronics and dynamical like the weather, so it takes less energy to cascade changes than to move a pencil across the table. It seems to be a polymorphic abstraction of telepathy and empathy. In fiction, empathic characters like Raven also double as healers.

You probably should not let someone work on you who does not have credentials in a field of Biology or medicine, however. Many people who have these abilities are also scientists, nurses, or doctors…I am assuming this person is acting in good faith, and a significant change happened to your health because of his influence. If that is the case, he applied his paradigm’s pragmatics to use techniques that manipulated the chemical energy in your body with his psychic energy to instruct it to heal better and regulate itself. Heat and randomness are related. Sloppy techniques can cause fluxes in temperature or even light if photons and electrons get jiggled around enough. Warmth or light in a healing technique is entropy.

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