Psychic Energy, Networks, Circuits, and Sigils

This post was my response to someone who attempted to sketch out on graphing paper a system of sigils intended to manipulate mental or psychic energy. They were attempting to code and program with sigils.

I wrote:

It looks like you attempted to create a psychic circuit or cycle. It is very clumsy…Before I start, it is crucial that you correctly understand what circuits are. A circuit is:

Traversing a graph such that not an edge is repeated but vertex can be repeated and it is closed also i.e. it is a closed trail.

The second thing you should understand is that energy is an abstraction of the orientation of a system. The orientation of a system is how something can rotate and in what direction to displace an entity from its reference frame. Waveforms are a graph of such a rotation. That property explains the rising and falling edges of waveforms in digital signals. The waveforms of analog signals are sinusoidal. Energy is associated with the amplitude of waveforms. In the context of phenomenal, psychic, or mental structures, such a system’s energy would be heights of the frequency of experiences for some periods of consciousness. You can model this algorithmically as a sequence of loops of experience and qualia.

Thirdly, you can link two or more entities with an operator. It is possible to model that operator as an abstraction of procedures. Procedures can encompass acts the person is to take like meditative actions, steps in a ritual, or paths of visualizations. It looks like you created a circuit in a very clunky way. As I stated, energy is an abstraction of orientation, and orientation is an abstraction for rotation. Rotations can be implemented algorithmically through loops, so you can use a recursive algorithm to create a more elegant structure. A loop is where something starts and ends at the same place. Adding energy to a system is moving from the start to the end. Moreover, subtracting energy is moving from the end of the system to the start. Though it is counter-intuitive, it is possible to associate counter-clockwise direction and negative directions with potential energy such that negative values correspond with potential energy.

Amounts of energy are associated with the amplitude of waves. A frequency is the number of times something occurs. For example, you can focus on a high-level experience and then move step by step to the lower forms of that experience and then back up in reverse in a meditative state. The degree of refinement of the experience would be the mental energy. The frequency is the number of times an experience occurs in your consciousness for some interval. There exists a relationship between recursive, holistic, fractals of experience, and the emergence of consciousness. A collection of recursive loops comprises psychic paths and psychic cycles. Instructions intended to amplify and distribute psychic energy would be contingent on the tacit, intuitive knowledge of how to do this. Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid is a book that won a Pulitzer prize that explores the relationship between recursion and the emergence of cognition. If you do not know to implement these dynamics, your construct will not, either…Art refines experience, so when you appreciate art, you are averaging out the highest points of experience.

Also, I would not use paper. Python and Gephi are good to use. Having a computer check the integrity of your algorithms is better than free handing it…

… If the goal is to make an ontological framework, the maintenance of a database to store information about the relationships and properties of the entities would probably be helpful. It looks like you are attempting to create some ontological framework from this title.

When designing the metaphysics of systems to be used in magic, people should aim for elegance and simplicity, albeit people frequently incorrectly believe the more complicated the metaphysics, the more potent the magic. Inelegant complexities create entropy in psychic and magical forces that increase the chance of the magical or psychic forces spinning out of control or decaying due to unintended mutations.

These forces and consciousness are chaotic, so they are sensitive to smaller and less abstract factors. The act of manipulating a future creates teleologies and thus changes the underlying properties by adding chaos and attractors. It is like the Butterfly Effect. Therefore, as the spell propagates and emanates outward, it can change form and mutate, which then mutates whatever the spell was supposed to influence. I am not a fan of pragmatic, subjective, and informal forms of magic because pragmatic spells with a high degree of power behind them can be catastrophic because the spell mutates. When it mutates, it is possible to have a “monkey’s paw” effect. Entropy in the spell is the source of the mutation. In the best-case scenario, the spell just rapidly decays, but in the worst-case scenario, it is possible to have a catastrophic outcome. Of course, most people decide to go willy nilly with the magic thinking there are no consequences where their magic works in imprecise and unintended ways. They typically are content with mediocre results until the results are dangerous. So, I am not too fond of Chaos Magic.

thanonofblank wrote:

Ok thanks. Do you have any recommended books relating to information that your using with your seals?

I wrote:

I learned what I told you in undergraduate and graduate school. I have a degree in Computer Engineering in addition to my other degrees. That included circuit design. I also have hung out with psions for decades. Creating psychic circuits was supposed to be what psionics was about, but they could never get their act together.To apply these concepts to Phenomenology, you can model consciousness as an integral. Selecting what you will pay attention to is ordered, so it is possible to model a sequence of qualia integrated by consciousness harmonically. You can read up on Partial Differential Equations, Potential Theory, and Graph Theory.

You can check out these sources:

MIT Videos: Mathematics for Computer Science

Noein Library: Mathematics Books

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