Geomancy and Thaumaturgy: Creating a Lo Shu Magic Square in Python

I am not a ceremonial magician; however, I practice Alchemy, Geomancy, and Thaumaturgy. There was a discussion on Thaumaturgy and how it relates to classical medieval figures such as Agrippa and John Dee. That conversation between zsd23 and I can be found here. I go in-depth on the mathematical basis for John Dee. I mention Agrippa, but I don’t explain too much the algorithms he was using. Agrippa was using a class of algorithms called magic square algorithms. In the book De occulta philosophia libri tres, Agrippa mentions 7 planetary magic squares. Those magic squares form the basis of a lot of your astral magic. Both of Agrippa’s planetary squares and Lo Shu magic squares use magic squares where that ties into Geomancy.

In that conversation, I explain that to get a tacit understanding of how the entities/symbols relate to each other, one should approach it from an algorithmic perspective.

Here is a TedTalk on the occultism of magic squares in the context of Geomancy and Agrippa by Michael Daniels:

Here is a Youtube video on how to make a Lo Shu magic square in Python:

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