Psychic and Magical Teleportation

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Is teleportation in any form real? If so, resources on it.

I Wrote:

…It is. To say it very simply, there are harmonics of probability that say you could be somewhere else; however, the probability waves are so spread out you don’t randomly teleport. If you compress those waves, you can make it so the probability of an object being somewhere else is so likely it teleports. Via looking into the future of a thing and manipulating its future, you can teleport it. The mechanics are no different from any other application of magic that shifts future probability…

…I’m going to be writing an article on creating temporal loops soon; however, the gist of psychic teleportation is the manipulation of future histories such that a future where the object is in a different location is the temporal history that happens. This is no different than say psychokinesis. Whenever a person moves an object with psychokinesis, they are manipulating kinetic energy via manipulating the order and probability where energy will be. If you were to heat something in your area with psychokinesis, something else wouldn’t cool down consequently in your area. This implies that energy is likely teleported from somewhere else so teleportation on some level is likely involved. In theory, the energy could be being created; however, it requires less action if you simply moved it from somewhere else I.e. teleported the kinetic energy.

You can think of this as an abstraction of precognition and psychokinesis where you perceive the future and then you influence those future histories…

…Temporal histories are sinusoidal waves. Spatial locations are phase states of those waves. A clock is a good way to measure time because you can intuitively see how the measured times correspond to angles and thus periodic functions where the graph of a sine function is waves. If we say magic works by altering probability and a probability is a future state, we are implying magic alters the future. As I just stated, temporal histories are waves and a spatial location is how that wave if shifted. So, if you can shift waves of probability to get a job, you can shift it in terms of location to teleport an object. Fourier Transform can show any time-dependent thing is a spectrum that is a sum of sines and cosines. These are called harmonics. Teleportation is a corollary of shifting odds.

Since the scalar correlated with temporal histories is energy, you’re manipulating the energy implicitly in space and time, so interactions with some sort of cosmological vacuum are likely involved. It’s somewhat like how gravity can exert an influence on energy and space-time. Magic is an abstraction of some higher-dimensional field that can do odd things to the physical world. Technically, you’re encoding information that is abstractly indistinguishable from the object through a higher-dimensional space, so, in a sense, you’re displacing an object via different dimensions.

Probability shifting is technically reality shifting since reality emerges from a set of histories. We have the reality that we do now because certain past events happened and not others. Slightly tweaking the statistical properties of carbon on a cosmological level would have resulted in a universe with almost no carbon. On a more local level, you can control the chemical properties of things via shifting statistical properties, so not only is teleportation possible, so is transmutation…

…Places to get started are:

Making Psychic Arts More Reliable: Building Templates

That’s an article I wrote on creating spreadsheet friendly worksheets and templates. You want to construct a template and worksheets that deal with future states of things. Since this can be recorded in Excel workbooks, you can do all your analysis there. The idea is to work on being able to perceive the future.

Psychokinetically Picking Your Path

That’s an article I wrote on an exercise you can do to practice manipulating random walks via psychokinesis.

…Teleportation seems to be an abstract ability based on clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis, so learning teleportation is working on those abilities in such a way you can use them in a complex way to perceive the physical future state of an object via precognition and clairvoyance and manipulate the future history via psychokinesis. Highly unlikely probabilities exist. Their probability wavelength is just spread out. Making that future more likely compresses that unlikely probability’s wavelength thereby making it more likely.

An article on creating temporal loops and rewinding time will be coming soon once I have time.

Teleportation seems to be a common ability in mediums…Teleportation and materialization abilities seem to be common among conjurers, like myself, or mediums. There are tons of parapsychology cases.

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