Consciously Cultivating Boredom

I am actually curious about the difference between boredom versus mindfulness. A while back, I listened to a very interesting podcast that made a good case for why we should disconnect from electronic devices and try being bored. The podcast made sure to make a distinction between being mindful and being bored. I am going to provide a link below, so I don’t have to summarize the podcast. If you are interested, check it out.

For one, as a Software Engineer and sometimes a “Data Scientist”, I am always in front of some type of screen. As an overall geek, I am also plugged into some sort of device. I tend to seek out some sort of stimulation. Besides the overall benefit I probably will get from it, I am curious as to which is better when it comes to metaphysical practices as well as differences in how the states seem. I think I’ll swap out days I do mindfulness types of meditation for being bored.

The Case for Boredom

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