Talisman of Focusing Rings, Conceptual Fields, Atomic Concepts, and Energy Flow

Talisman of Focusing Rings So, this is a complex sorcerous talisman of mine. With talismans, the symbols act as conduits. The power comes from the entities (in this case psychic objects) associated with the representation. It’s a talisman of rings that defines a domain that acts as a loci for Experience, Perception, Awareness, Formation, Desire, and Fantasy so that psychic power resonates and is amplified. Those concepts comprise the nodes of the outer ring and the lines throughout the talisman are a mapping of the psychic forces from those concepts – it acts as a vector of psychic forces. Since Read More

Matrix Sigil

The construct does not attach to all representations of that sigil. It is only attached to the instance of it on the post, so drawing a sigil that does not reference that particular instance on this post won’t do you any good. This is a sigil for one of my matrices. It is linked to an active and public matrix. After the initial focusing on it to use it, attention on it does not have to be sustained. I have not extensively tested it with other people besides myself, so feedback is appreciated. The matrix does: Increases the psychic power Read More

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