Beware People Who Use Terms Like This

So, there is a new person who popped up on my Discord server, who is new to the world of psychic stuff, and pretty much did what new people typically do. They joined many different communities and platforms and spammed the same questions across different communities. The below is one of the answers to a question they asked in a community called Psionic Social Club (PSC) that they had asked me about. But my shortest reasonably useful answer would be “psi energy is the subtle field of energy that permeates reality and interacts with consciousness in a mutually co-arisen way, Read More

Maintaining a Site is Hard

Maintaining and keeping a site updated takes a lot of work and time, which is probably why there are so many websites on this sort of stuff that aren’t regularly maintained. I am working on a new article for the site. So far it is 1,600 words and counting. I also need to take care of Search Engine Optimization stuff like submitting a new site map to Google and other search engines, but I had been waiting to do that until I got more content so that I could start to get some sort of static organization going on. On Read More

Consciously Cultivating Boredom

I am actually curious about the difference between boredom versus mindfulness. A while back, I listened to a very interesting podcast that made a good case for why we should disconnect from electronic devices and try being bored. The podcast made sure to make a distinction between being mindful and being bored. I am going to provide a link below, so I don’t have to summarize the podcast. If you are interested, check it out. For one, as a Software Engineer and sometimes a “Data Scientist”, I am always in front of some type of screen. As an overall geek, Read More

Midnight Musings

I actually had not intended to write a blog post. I actually had settled into the bed. Here I am laying in the bed with the lights off. The laptop I have has a backlit keyboard that is sky-blue. Blue is my favorite color. It puts me in a pretty pensive mood. I have a lot of thoughts in my head at the moment. A lot of feelings. Funny how small things can trigger a cascade of realizations. Out of curiosity, I searched for hashtags like #psionics and #magick and pretty much found what I expected to find. #psionics pretty Read More

What’s New With The Site

So, I have given this site a long overdue haul over. I had the same site design for years and was on Joomla 1.5 that really doesn’t work like it is supposed to on PHP 5 and above. Upgrading to later versions of Joomla would have been a headache, I was not quite fond of the Joomla 3 templates I had been seeing, and WordPress seemed like a good option and is popular, so I decided to pretty much move from an old version of Joomla to WordPress. Another reason why I decided to transition over to WordPress was because Read More

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