Psychic Energy, Networks, Circuits, and Sigils

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I also am a computer engineer getting into chaos magick. Could you lead me to some beginner resources on psionics to create psychic circuits?

This post intrigued me initially but then I realized it wasn’t fully fleshed out. I do believe the concept OP had is the beginning of something potentially and it sounds like what you’re talking about could take it further

I wrote:

Chaos Magic is not compatible because it rejects tautological statements. Chaos Magic cannot have a theory to build from because the whole paradigm rejects that notion. Chaos Magic has a pragmatic set of archetypes that are not axiomatically connected. The idea of paradigm-shifting is logically equivalent to jumping from disconnected ontology to disconnected ontology through discontinuous hops and singularities. Formalism covers the notion of consistent, symbolic systems that do not necessarily describe sectors of reality; however, most of Chaos Magic chooses not to take Hilbert’s cues. The practice in occultism is Thaumaturgy. A definition makes an appearance in John Dee’s work Mathematicall Praeface to Euclid’s Elements. From my perspective, John Dee’s mathematical and mechanical work are more interesting and robust than his work in Theurgy. But, people tend to focus more on the Theurgy than the Thaumaturgy and end going for the Golden Dawn stuff.

The method I described of recursively meditating on elements of experience forms the base of alchemical practices as well as rituals designed to raise energy, so to acquire more information in an occult context, you can look for those concepts. Circulating energy through states of awareness is a pretty standard practice in occultism covered in “orbits”. I would not say I like psionics and Chaos Magic. Most psions never progressed to a level to have developed anything legitimate. Due to that, most of them joined the Omnimancers. Omnimancy has an engineering-oriented paradigm that is intuitive for those who practice psionics. Most alchemical operations are based on the idea of cycles and circuits of psychic and astral energy, so this is not particularly novel. Emanations of astral and psychic cycles, circuits, and networks form concepts of transmutation of self, the subtle bodies, and the gross bodies in Alchemy…

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