Generic Elemental Binding Seal


Used for?

I wrote:

Binding things in the categories of elemental connotations.


I don’t understand still. facepalm

I wrote:

Whatever you can put in a category of fire is associated with the seal. It is generic, so anything that belongs to the corresponding categories can be denoted in the corresponding elemental category. It can be elemental spirits, attributes of people, people, etc. By binding an entity, you can influence it. It is like a pentacle – just more complex.


So u print it out and put it in the magic circle or on the wall or on the floor?

I wrote:

If you do that, it is just paper. A person must make a real correlation among the entities. Think of it like this. If the information is accurate when attempting to perceive a remote entity psychically, this implies that the experience is veridical, and there is a correlation between you and what you attempted to perceive in actuality. Intentionality and symbols are interchangeable, so via the same process, relationships have to be made psychically. Otherwise, it is just paper. Magical seals define the semantics, but magic must create the links in actuality. You can learn to do this by practicing psychically perceiving things and using that tacit, intuitive knowledge from those experiences in combination with the spell’s semantics.

Archetypes frequently associate tempers with Fire. If you practice accurately and precisely perceiving emotions, then you have the tacit and intuitive knowledge of how to create psychic connections among things. That knowledge can be combined with the semantics of the above seal to bind tempers. Intentionality and symbols are interchangeable, so the semantics of the seal denotes the intentions that act as pointers. Symbols point to things. By using the semantics to create references, you have links. Power has to flow through those connections such that one entity is correlated and changes with respect to another. Sigils are just ink and paper without knowledge and power…

…Magic requires power and knowledge, otherwise, you just have paper…

…You can attain knowledge by practicing with trying to perceive the meaning of symbols without the definition and then going back and checking the definitions. It is like working out Algebra problems so that you have the tacit and intuitive knowledge of how to recognize forms and do Algebra. When you psychically perceive something, your experience is changing as correlated with something, so there is psychic potential implicit in that. Trying to influence other things is just that relationship inverted…

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