Symbols, Sigils, and Charging

There’s technically no reason to charge a sigil. A sigil is nothing more than a symbol. A symbol is just a categorization of things that are referenced. When I say car or book, I am creating a category where I am stating that things that fit the criteria of those categories do so such that they can be placed within that category and thus treated as extensional members. This means there is a relationship between objects in that category and that category – the symbol. Think of an arrow being drawn from the sigil/symbol to whatever the sigil is about. This is called a vector. In other words, all sigils and symbols have a vector by being defined. Now, whether that vector has the capability to change anything is determined by the scalar associated with the vector. An intuitive way to think about that scalar is as “energy” or “power”. To say it a different way, thoughts are symbolic in the same way a sigil is where it points to things. The capability of that thought to cause a change in that thing is thus tied to the potential the person’s thought has that causes change – the energy or power they possess. Since we are assigning a property of magnitude of a phenomenological object to cause a change in something else, we can even call it “psychic energy”. There is no power that your subconscious mind has that your conscious mind does not have ergo if your conscious thoughts can’t change things referenced by the thought, sigil, or symbol, then this implies there is no way your subconscious can, either. Since sigils have a vector from the meaning – the concept; and that meaning has a vector to the thing that is referenced, there is a constant path of “energy” from the concept – the construct, the sigil, and the thing that is supposed to be acted on by the sigil. The problem tends to be the power a person has. If you don’t have psychic power, then nothing happens. To be technical, the sigil defines a vector for a type of psychic vector field

The properties I explained are more abstract than sigils. They are technically the properties of symbols. To be honest, outside of evocation, sigils are quite useless in that the psychic and magical properties of sigils come from the nature of them being symbols and not the nature of them being sigils.

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