Psychokinesis and Biochemistry

If that’s true, then you have a documented case tying say the electric surface charge of neuroproteins to telekinesis? You implied that you ran into this within the context of being an editor dealing with science journalism in neuroscience. If a neurologist mentioned this, you must have the paper. When I start asking for papers, people tend to get upset; however, notice that my post normally have links to media and sources. So, I am not requesting anything from anyone that I, myself, am not willing to provide. As someone who is telekinetic himself, I’m not denying the existence of telekinesis; rather, I’m stating there is no chemical connection between that and the brain. I’ve heard this paradigm echoed by paranormal investigators and parapsychologists. Stephen Braude addresses the idea that the existence and realness of spirits can be explained by psychokinetic abilities specifically here:

Parapsychology Researcher Dr. Stephen Braude Battles Against “Sleazy Arguments”

Here is some of the research I’ve collected on the subject:

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Can I look at that paper where neurologists mentioned a tie between bio-electromagnetism and telekinesis? There should also be some Chemistry in there to support that hypothesis…

…I’m stating there is no evidence that links say the charge density of proteins to telekinesis – bio-electromagnetism. Electrostatic effects happen in fluids among axon membranes. The vector is of experience – such as an explosive emotion; however, there is no chemical connection. I can’t point to electrostatic forces across axon membranes of neural cells and the psychokinetic effect of glass exploding and say that’s because of the fluid. I can’t point to the hormone adrenaline and go, yep, that chemically blew up the glass. You can notice an associative correlation, however. This means that while neurophysiology is a vector, what is going on isn’t facilitated by electromagnetism considering the other evidence ergo human bodies can’t be doing it. If the effect is correlated with consciousness and human bodies cannot chemically perform psychokinesis, you end with an abstract system beyond the person’s body and thus neurology.

Human brains are physically limited. Trying to reduce everything down to psychology and neuroscience doesn’t solve the problem of the fact brains can’t interact with the physical world to create telepathic, psychokinetic, or precognitive effects. This means those paradigms won’t accurately model those things. Neurological processes exist because of Chemistry. Specifically, neurons fire due to surface charges of proteins and electrostatic properties of fluid among axon membranes. Neither of those can give rise to manipulating the statistical properties of radioactive decay.

Honestly, I think trying to explain PK with EM anything is wooo. Insistence on the psycho-analytical paradigm to explain things like telekinesis misses the whole physical limitations of human organs. A lot of your modern and post-modern occultism does this a lot. Ironically, the Platonic and Socratic idea of daemons is closer to the truth in that physical bodies can’t do this, so this implies higher ones.

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