Psychokinesis and Biochemistry

The ability to move from one temporal point to another without being displaced through temporal or spatial coordinates implies a higher dimension. So, discussing psychokinesis and precognition becomes problematic in that it implies higher dimensions. You end up with a system of consciousness higher than your brain that has neurologically generated experiences as a vector aka an otherworldly spirit. That’s why poltergeist tacitly seems like living people.

I’m not aware of a way you can chemically tie electrochemically and thermally predicated neurological responses to phenomena that aren’t. It seems like a stretch. When I hear energy, I think of a scalar and some vector. For example, momentum or force. In telekinesis, you can’t chemically tie the physiological response to the vector of force you see in telekinesis. Technically, you do have a vector correlated with force. It’s just not chemically caused by the person’s brain. So, I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say unusual energy. Technically, arbitrarily ascribing infinity to scalars of psychic ability has major problems. To say it a different way, to model most large-scale poltergeist phenomena in hauntings as emerging from the people involved irrespective of the size of the effect, we must state the household has a scalar of psychokinetic ability that is infinite to account for that. If this holds, then whenever they go to scary movies, poltergeist activity should happen. If it doesn’t and it’s only local to the haunting, that disproves the idea. It’s sort of like saying they’re millionaires only in their house. Energy is a scalar and by grouping all effects as being caused by the fear of the household, you’re saying the scalar is practically infinity. For example, I have psychokinetic abilities and my issues and emotions cause things to happen; however, they are local to me. Where I go, the effects go and people not local to me in the sense of me being correlated with effects are not impacted.

In a more intuitive sense without all the Math speak, a human spirit is moving objects. It’s just easy for us to verify living humans with spirits moving objects; however, it provides a strong inductive case for discarnate entities capable of the same since human bodies can’t perform psychokinesis and other animals, like baby chicks, are also telekinetic. There’s an interesting micro-pk experiment involving baby chicks.

I’m very analytical. Human memory might fail but we have many ways to capture things besides memory. You record the data which informs you of facts. Spontaneous development of psychokinetic abilities only local to a haunting with an infinite scalar that never shows up again after the hauntings is a very weak inductive case. People in mass shooting situations or natural disasters or war zones don’t spontaneously develop psychokinesis. I would argue those situations are spookier in that it is an immediate threat to one’s life where a stronger collective fear response happens. You have Dean Radin’s Global Consciousness Project; however, the results were not on the same scale as what you see with apparitions.

zsd23 wrote:

I merely mentioned, as an aside, the fact that some neuropsychiatrists and neurologists do openly explain (theorize) documented reports of telekinetic phenomenon as being the effect of human bioelectromagnetism sparked by volatile human emotion, with most cases involving households/environments that include adolescents.

I wrote:

It’s an aside that you’ve mentioned in several other places to tacitly address the subject of the realness of apparitions. So, it is less of an aside and more of a point from a paradigm you operate in. You seem to have an Anthropological and Psychological slant, but it is important to keep in mind those aren’t your hard sciences. Biology, which includes neuroscience, is. The problem arises when trying to ground abstract frameworks, such as Anthropology, on particulars of hard sciences, Neuroscience.

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