Psychokinesis and Biochemistry

zsd23 wrote:

…As for paranormal activity, a lot of conditions can underlie it–some may be related to the imagination and hypnotic condition of the viewer(s), including a condition called folie a deux–referring to a shared delusion, some are simply manifestations via the power of belief, some are aspects of telekinetic phenomenon, which even neurologists have acknowledged as being caused by unusual and volatile energy generated by a person (not an otherworldly spirit). There are also infectious and projective aspects of human consciousness and the limitations of perception that are yet unknown that may explain manifestations of paranormal activity as well as magical efficacy.

I wrote:

…I dislike the grounding of psychic phenomena into Biology because it is a philosophical grounding versus being grounded on any valid physical theory. Psychology tends to play fast and loose with a lot of its theories where a lot of psychology has a very tenuous connection to Biology; rather, psychology tends to make very large assumptions that are extrapolations of Biological paradigms. To me, it is a deus ex machina of psionics in science fiction. Human physiology, including neurophysiology, is built on electromagnetism and thermodynamics. The electromagnetic force gives electrons their charge and thus are the bricks on which molecular bonds are built. Considering that precognition violates the second law of thermodynamics as does telekinesis where there is no empirically observed displacement of a scalar like speed, you cannot build a neurological case for telekinetic energy – the brain emanates no such energy. You can tie emotions to physiological states physically; however, you can’t tie that chemistry to the psychokinetic effect, because the brain only emanates heat and electromagnetism. Technically, psychokinesis is an empirical case against this being grounded in neuroscience. Biochemistry is just an abstraction of heat displacement. You can’t perform telekinesis with body heat, or any model of heat really, because an order is imposed on disordered states ergo you break the energy gradient on which Biochemistry is based on. Life emerges because of entropy ergo an organ can’t violate that. Specifically, it is from an energy gradient between the Earth and the sun. Life creates order within itself in a similar manner ice forms from cooling water.

To solve the singularities that emerge due to the discontinuities in temporal transformations, you must add higher-dimensional entities. In other words, you have to say there is something higher than neurophysiology. You can’t chemically tie biochemistry and physiology to telekinesis. Mathematically, you do have some sort of vector field; however, you can’t tie that vector field chemically to what the brain can only emit – heat and electromagnetism. Brains can’t perform psychokinesis. Psychokinesis behaves in ways that don’t follow from predictions of electromagnetism in that it’s able to skew statistical properties and isn’t impacted by shielding such as with Faraday cages. This can be seen in experiments dealing with psychokinesis and radioactive decay.

Considering psychokinesis breaks Chemistry, you sort of can’t argue an organ made from Chemistry is the cause. Psychokinesis also violates the conservation of information and the no hiding theorem, which is even more fundamental to chemistry and quantum mechanics. Per the Liouville theorem in Quantum Field Theory working backward and forwards in time, only some parts of a system are entangled with other parts of a system. A lot of enigmatic ideas of hidden variables are based on incorrect ideas of Bohmian mechanics. Arrow of time ideas emerge macroscopically due to entropy and quantumly via conservation of information, so violations of those two implicitly violate the physical premise of causality when coupled with lack of a scalar of speed. You end up with forces that don’t obey physical symmetries and correlations. Physically, causality is linked to the speed by a force. An event horizon is really when causal forces are cut off from being able to influence the observer where the scalar for that is speed. That’s where you get into the whole singularity issue I mentioned earlier. In other words, psychokinesis turns the intuitive idea of physical causes and physical effects on its head because it breaks the symmetry from which physical causality emerges. The vector field involved in psychokinesis is more abstract than the forces that facilitate neurological processes – like the electromagnetic force. Electromagnetism also has a speed limit – the speed of light.

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