Discrete Math, Digital Art, and Grimoires

…As this relates to Python, Python is very useful for Combinatorics. It’s good for constructing histograms by using dictionaries and working with tuples. As I stated, magical alphabets are tuples. You’re typically using some type of recursion to get your values…

…There are an infinite amount of possible entities and symbols and an infinite amount of different formulas, so a lot of the formulas you see in public, occult text is a finite number in a literal sea of infinity. My formulas correspond with psychic forces and entities and physical forces and entities where the magical structures are inferred from underlying magical postulates. The advantage is that since it is based on an ontological system I created, it is hard to know what formulas went into it enough to reverse or break my spells.

Your “mancy” are ontologically tuples. For example, cartomancy – like tarot decks, are tuples of cards. Geomancy tend to be tuples with a cardinality that is a multiple of 8 or 16. You end up mathematically getting what is called a Cartesian Product. You see these ideas implemented in Data Science.

There’s a tacit connection between abstract forms of magic and formulas, so a lot of your advanced practitioners tend to have jobs in Linguistics, Engineering, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, or Computer Science. The abstract connection creates an intuitive sense that sort of unifies all the fields. Back in the day, your magic users were your Philosophers, Scientists, Mathematicians, and Politicians. There was a union of your priestly, literate, and high classes and magic. It hasn’t gone away. The idea of them being snake oil salesman is relatively new. A lot of people in the occult market are well aware they are peddling snake oil. The ones who are worth their salt have prestigious educations and are quite expensive to employ. They’re working in their respective fields.

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This was exactly what I need, thanks for going above and beyond to explain all of this!

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