Psychokinesis and Divination to Copy Documents

Psychic information about things is oftentimes very archetypal, abstract, and requires a degree of intuition to interpret correctly. When discussing things that correspond to that sense of intuition, this is very useful. That sense of intuition; however, tends to be inaccurate. Psychically perceiving what is on a person’s desk is entirely different from being able to read the paper documents that are on the person’s desk albeit you know they are there psychically. Various protocols have been designed within the context of ESP to address this issue. However, techniques that are abstractions of psychokinesis and divinatory magical practices can be used to encode information that is written down such as names, addresses, documents, etc.

When you are reading this, you are reading English characters. For simplicity’s sake (I think the encoding of the data is utf-8 Unicode for this database), you can think of the characters as being ASCII. What that means is that the characters that can be typed on the keyboard are mapped to 128 different codes. This is 2 to the power of 7. That’s 7 bits. What that means is that 128 characters are mapped to 128 codes where those codes correspond to seven 0 or 1’s in different possible combinations. Since you have a 0 or a 1, this can be referred to as binary. Another way to think of a binary string is as a grouping of yes’s and no’s. This means that every sentence of this post you read is a string of characters that correspond to a string of codes that correspond to a string of binary. In other words, any information that can be written in the text can be encoded in binary.

When people hear the word bit, they tend to think of computers, microchips, RAM, storage, etc. In actuality, anything that can have one of two possible states is a bit. I have bits jingling around in my pocket right now – change. Coins have two sides. A coin can be either heads or tails. Seven pennies in your pocket is equal to 2 to the power of 7. That’s 128 different combinations of heads and tails you can have. That corresponds to 128 unique binary strings. Not only are coins bits, but they are also a traditional way of doing divination. The amount of times heads or tails show up in a collection of coin tosses is the frequency. If heads is 1 and tails is 0, then the frequency of heads and tails gives you the frequency of 1’s and 0’s that encode information. There is a direct correlation between frequency in the binary strings and information, so information is correlated with the frequency and probability of those strings. Large amounts of information would require a lot of coins, so for things with a large amount of information content, digital bytes can be used. Manipulating the probabilities of the collection of events manipulates the information. While cartomancy is the popular form, the dependent nature of the probabilities makes it a poor choice for things like this. Every coin toss happens in independence from the coin toss prior to it unlike a deck of cards.

This technique takes into consideration that you’ve already had some practice with the precious techniques that were outlined. Those posts can be found here: Time Manipulation: Rewinding Time; Making Psychic Arts More Reliable: Building Templates; Psychokinetically Picking Your Path. Whenever you perceive the state of something psychically, you are creating a correlation between yourself and that thing such that you get information about that thing. You can abstract psychokinesis into this and create a more complex technique that physically stores the information. Instead of just creating a correlation between yourself and what the target is, you’re creating a correlation between yourself, the target, the event of the coins being tossed, binary mapping to characters (ASCII for example). Since this is complex, this can be simplified via abstracting it into a construct (an intentional arrangement of entities) that has structure. It can be viewed as a divination spell.

By creating a correlation between the text on the document on a person’s table and the frequency of those characters and the probability and frequency of whether you get heads or tails for a collection of coins being perturbed, you’re able to psychically copy information from the paper on their desk to the encoding scheme the coins manipulated psychokinetically. It is also very easy to determine if was nothing but noise, because you will get a random jumble of letters, or noisy with some information in that some characters were right. A way to determine how close and far off you were if some letters were encoded properly and others were not is via looking at the Hamming Distance of the strings. Getting really good with these types of techniques makes it so that you can psychically encode any information you want. There’s no physical way to block psychic techniques, so this means, in theory, you can bypass anything intended to deny access.

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