Magical Reality Warping and Magical Portals

DJThrow4wayyy wrote:

Regarding your UNO vs Poker analogy: if the two are correlated to eachother through the fact that they both have a more abstract and “simplistic” higher set they belong to (card games), what is the higher set for magic and physics? You touch on this with your reply:…

…but it’s brief. Many spiritual teaching say that there is an idealistic realm/ dimension above this one in which all things exist idealised and whatever wish/ thought/ desire you have you get to “experience” instantly and completely. Some call it heaven. Can you elaborate on this?

I wrote:

I’m skeptical of the idea that psychic and magical entities prove that all necessarily mind; rather, it shows that the differentiation of phenomenological entities can act as vectors of information. Psychic entities may be vectors that are subsets of reality that has no phenomenal attributes of its own. This shows mental entities have the power to order statistical properties from which objects are built. That’s about it. I don’t think this proves Idealism. As far as what this higher dimension is, I don’t know.

As an adult, when I astral project, I explore space. One, I like it. Two, I can verify the experiences, so I know my experience is correlated with reality and is thus verdical. I don’t care too much to explore spheres that occultism calls the “astral”.

DJThrow4wayyy wrote:

Also, what would you recommend to better improve the ability of reality alteration and magick? Besides being born with a high affinity for it. 🙂

I wrote:

Have someone who can do it facilitate it for you. It’s quite possible to create a construct for a person that facilitates these effects, or it is quite possible to telepathically transfer tacit knowledge associated with the ability. The problem; however, is you run into ethical problems because, again, you’re granting people power where the negotiation of power has political consequences. Conventional methods of teaching from the pedagogy of culture don’t work so well with this sort of thing. I have articles on my site; however, to make progress, there must be a certain threshold. To have experiences to learn from, there must be a certain level of results above statistical noise. You can determine this by trying and see if you get any results. If you do get results, this means you have experiences correlated with results that you can learn from. If there are none, there are no experiences to learn from meaning you don’t learn. For an article to construct worksheets for a workbook you can practice from look at:
Making Psychic Arts More Reliable: Building Templates

There’s a way that it seems to do these things like there is a way it seems to draw. Intentionality is the thought about or of something; however, the experience of how we think of or about something is tacit and relates to the knowledge of how to do things. You can psychically transmit this information and thus pass on your tacit knowledge to another in such a way that a conventional idea of teaching is not necessary. That gets into an ethical territory, though. Most people I know who have abilities like mine have some sort of ethical or moral inclination or institutional obligation regarding who gets these constructs and knowledge. I am using the term construct in the abstract way of referring to anything comprised of intentionally arranged elements. That property makes psychic and magical power highly regulated. The idea that information and technology should be open is an expectation of a cohort that has the Internet; however, that has historically never been expectations associated with power in any sense.

Psychic and magical knowledge is practically based on tacit knowledge – knowledge of how, and not semantic knowledge – knowledge of what. This means via distributing semantic knowledge without the tacit knowledge, I am not facilitating how. In other words, you won’t know how to do this from this conversation. Power and knowledge can be given to you without teaching you. For example, the bulk of my technique revolves around my experiences of accurately perceiving future histories. Via practice with and verification of perceiving future histories, I can use those veridical experiences in how I form the intent to alter a probability. It’s abstract and experiential, so via telepathy, I can pass that onto someone else without teaching them. In other words, a person can skip meditation and practice because I can just pass on bits of my skill. With that comes moral and ethical considerations because I am complicit in any harm to that person or any harm they might do to others.

I’ve done this with a group of people in person and they instantly literally fell to the floor in agony until I reversed it. Having my abilities without having my mind and body can kill you or cause intense psychological and physiological pain. The event was so traumatic that it taught me a lesson. I’m quite serious. Abilities on my level can kill you if you don’t have the mind and body for it. You’re more likely to die trying to teleport than successfully teleport. I’ve fixed the issues, so I can facilitate access to these things with no risk to the person, but I’m aware of moral corruption.

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