Magical Reality Warping and Magical Portals

DJThrow4wayyy wrote:

If you truly achieved such a feat, how do you deal with life? Isn’t everything and anything attainable? Also, this begs the canonical question: how? Honestly I’m expecting an answer akin to: “meditation and a lot of practice”. But I’m being cynical here and making assumptions. Also, why aren’t there many more that have reached “physics breaking” levels of magic?

I wrote:

Psychic and magical power is a scalar like money or power within society, the answer to the question would be the same answer to “How do wealthy people deal with life?” I was born with my abilities and I accidentally teleport objects typically. For why it’s not common, that’s why. Most people who can phase, teleport, or materialize things were born with those abilities. Another reason why it is uncommon is that people might have died while trying to pull these things off. The scalar correlated with temporal histories is physical energy, so a short-circuit could cause a backlash that does very nasty things to your biochemistry including doing the equivalent of microwaving your insides. I seem to have a high resistance to the lethal effects of my abilities; however, the people I know who can do the more exotic forms of these things report negative effects such as partially and painfully merging with physical objects. As far as the mechanics, I’ve responded to that here: Psychic and Magical Teleportation.

As far as violating the laws of physics, it is like this. We can agree that Uno and Poker are card games that have cards numbered 8; however, if you tried to play Poker like Uno, you would be violating the rules of Poker, right. Does that violation imply Uno is not a card game? Magical Rules have the same relationship to Physical rules as Uno has to Poker. In other words, you can abstractly say that Uno and Poker are in a set of games. You can further say that Poker and Uno are in a set of card games. You can say that Poker and Uno are part of a set of games that are card games that have cards with the number 8. In other words, you are saying that Poker and Uno are part of a higher-dimensional structure; therefore, Uno violating the rules of Poker is irrelevant because there exist higher-dimensional unions where they intersect. For a mathematical explanation, that is intuitive to this, check out:

That’s why I’m meh when people go “But, that violates Physics ergo it can’t be real!” That’s like saying Uno’s rules violate Poker; therefore, there is no game called Poker.

DJThrow4wayyy wrote:

Also, is there something even above those magickal fields?

I wrote:

Yes. I’m not convinced psychic objects and the magic that is an abstraction of those objects implies idealism; rather, they act as vectors. In other words, I believe there is something higher than a phenomenal/mental realm. Psychic objects just act as mediators of sorts.

For a formal Mathematical explanation of things fundamental to my comment about the relationship, magical rules have to physical rules, check out the videos below. I arranged them from most abstract to least abstract.

DJThrow4wayyy wrote:

So, magic is essentially probability manipulation.

I wrote:

I would say magic can manipulate probabilities. I would argue magic is more abstract than probability manipulation. I would argue it’s tacitly and intuitively a force where a useful application is reality manipulation via altering probability. Mathematically, it seems to be chaotic. It seems to be chaotic and change things, so you can argue it’s a force of chaos where we make use of this chaos via creating teleologies that constrain and order events.

If you practice divination via a pendulum, you see this in action. The pendulum will trace different trajectories based on where you start the swing. That’s chaos. If you swing a pendulum and a magical force makes that path correlated with a future moment so that information about the future is encoded, magical influence is altering the chaos of that pendulum.

Say you have two seven-sided dies. Say you want only 12 to show up. To get 12, you need a 6 and 6 or a 5 and 7, thus by making 12 the outcome that will happen, you’ve made it inevitable a 5 and 7 will be rolled or a 6 and 6. That’s called teleological. That’s facilitated by what’s called an “attractor”. That property of creating an attractor is a property of chaotic systems.

In other words, magic brings a chaotic force into the world that reshapes reality. In other words, every spell you cast brings a bit more chaos from another dimension into the physical world. For information on this, check out:

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