Magical Reality Warping and Magical Portals

DJThrow4wayyy wrote:

Hello everyone. I’ll be concise and get straight to it: When you manifest something, is reality shifting around you (ie: this plane changes/ rearranges to fit your will)? Or are you going to a parallel universe which is 99.99% the same, the only difference being that the new one has the changes you desire?

I wrote:

Yes, this reality is shifting.

DJThrow4wayyy wrote:

Can you elaborate?

I wrote:

Shifting future probabilities is shifting future histories, so the reality that emerges is changed. You’re shifting future realities.

DJThrow4wayyy wrote:

Thank you for the reply. Doesn’t this fall into the “jumping into a different timeline” category?…

I wrote:

No. Jumping into other realities I.e. other “timelines” cannot be statistically verified because your p-value will always be greater than 5%, so there is no way to see if you are in a different reality and that your magic worked in an alternate reality with the same set of Physics. Energy doing work requires some degree of some sort of gradient. You need some entropy to work with and no statistical deviation implies no order ergo the spell just won’t work because there is no way to order energy. You run into the same Physics that prevents us from making Zero-Point field engines.

You can test if you are in an alternate reality via chirality and parity – physical things being reflected where the reflection causes a new state different from it being unreflected. For example, if you happened to find yourself in a reality where time ran from future to past and people got younger and not older, you would know you’re in a different reality; however, that would drastically change how magic works here and how magic would work there along with profound things about your existence. If that’s the case, you’ll likely cease to exist before you can experience it because a reality with differences in chirality would likely be one where life’s not chemically possible. Getting into one of those timelines would be getting into a reality that forked shortly after the creation of the universe. See this video for how chirality links to mirror universes:

You can use magic to change this reality. While jumping into a different reality where you can tell it’s a different reality and that your magic worked is possible, it will likely be a reality without an Earth, so you’ll likely die. Magical fields seem to be higher-dimensional and more abstract than all physical histories and thus realities, so you can use it to teleport and open portals to other realities; however, you might be facing a real-life physical demon, find yourself floating in space, in a star, or you just go poof. Because of this, I willfully teleport objects that aren’t living that aren’t valuable.

Portal opening is sort of those things that common-sense just says don’t do. The idea of dimensional jumping is a flawed understanding of how path integral formulation works. Our reality is an abstraction due to the corresponding histories evolving consistently in ways tacitly like natural selection. I am currently experimenting with pulling things from other realities; however, I am mindful of how dangerous it is. Ever see that movie by Stephen King called the Mist? That could happen. Doctor Strange is a sorcerer. If you noticed, a lot of his magic is built on reality shifting and multiverses.

Doctor Strange Scenes:

That is a staple power of sorcery that distinguishes sorcery from other types of magical disciplines. It’s in the etymology:

…from Medieval Latin sortiarius “teller of fortunes by lot; sorcerer,” literally “one who influences fate or fortune,” from Latin sors (genitive sortis) “lot, fate, fortune…

Sorcery and Thaumaturgy have the same connotation where this references the type of magic people think of as miraculous or fantastical. It’s reality-warping, which is why I am not one of those people who say all magic that changes the physical world is psychokinesis because this form of magic is more abstract than kinetic energy and relates to changing the fabric of reality itself. That’s one of the many issues I had with psionics. Think of it as having a similar feel to it where the feel of it fits what fantasy calls hard magic.

Hard Magic and Soft Magic

Magic is changing this reality. It’s intuitively like altering memory values in a machine via Cheat Engine to hack a game. Reality is just the output of a type of abstract algorithm of physical rules where each moment in time is the output of those physical rules. Magic is injecting histories into those physical rules versus the physical rules acting on given parameters derived from other physical rules. You could jump to other realities to work different magic, but it would have to be a reality with a different set of physical laws. The Chemistry of your Biology would find that intolerable and you would die. Before any mathematicians start quoting Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem at me, I’m speaking very abstractly about how the abstract form fits intuitions of how things algorithmically evolve.

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