Sorcerous Alchemy: Creating Enchanted Crystals with Magic

When people refer to subtle energies, they tend to be referring to ethereal, ephemeral, and intangible things – things that have no concrete substance that you effectively hold in your hand. A lot of ideas about magic propose that it is facilitated by this ethereal and intangible thing. An intuitive concept of augmenting the attributes of something (enchanting it) is to take that ethereal substance, manipulate its properties, and anchor it in some way to something such that the physical object mediates ethereal properties so that it is augmented. This is effectively like painting or gilding an object. It does not actually change the intrinsic properties of the object; rather, it adds a layer on top of it where that coating can be chipped away, so bit by bit, the augmentation/enchantment of that object comes apart and must be filled in. Enchantments in this way can easily be disrupted by severing the correlation the enchantment has to the object. The question then becomes how you make it so that the augmentation is intrinsic to whatever the object is so that it is not easily corrupted or disrupted. It lacking its own physical presence makes its existence fragile, unlike physical objects that are persistent.

Nested in 10 is 5 and 5 or 9 and 1 or a sum of ten 1’s. The point is that contained in that instance of 10 are instances of smaller numbers. In a similar way, contained in an instance of an effect are its causes. This means that every effect has information about its cause such that the cause is intrinsic to that effect. So, a way to make a physical object intrinsically magically augmented is to make it such that its makeup exists because of magic, for if that is the case, then every instance of its physical existence will have reaffirmed the magic that caused it to be. In other words, the solution is to use magic to materialize a physical object. Sounds unreal, but it isn’t.

Since this is a combination of Chemistry and Magic, this can be called Alchemy. There are two different chemical ways to do this where one is significantly easier to do and significantly easier to gauge by looking. One way is to grow a crystal from a solution and the other is to create a chemical compound which requires a little bit more equipment, a little bit more Chemistry know-how, and can be a little bit more expensive. A lot of enchantments that use “crystals” tend to view it in the sense of charging the crystal; however, as was stated, it is more like a cheap coat of paint. The crystal was not formed by that magical force; therefore, it doesn’t exist as an intrinsic property so long as the crystal exists. In order to make it so that the augmentation persists until the destruction of that crystal, the crystal must be formed by magic. Or, this is to say that the reason it exists is because of magic that caused it to be. In other words, you have to crystallize something by magic.

An easy way to create a crystal is from it falling out of a saturated solution. One of the most easily accessible solvents out there is water. When you put things into water that is water-soluble, they dissolve – salt and sugar dissolves in water. A relatively easy crystal to grow is an alum crystal. Alum/potash is also a very traditional alchemical compound. There are different ways you can grow an alum crystal. The basic idea is to dissolve alum in hot water until the solution is saturated and no more will dissolve. Leaving it alone and allowing the solution to evaporate will result in one alum molecule attracting another in a structure such that it gets too heavy and falls out of the solution to the bottom as a crystal. Playing around with temperature and evaporation rates will get you crystals of different sizes. Nature likes low energy states because low energy states are stable states meaning left alone, things will try and reach their lowest energy state. Those energy states depend on chemical properties so that things crystallize into consistent shapes.

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