Magic is Sublime

Snippet from a Reddit conversation:

I wrote:

LordNyssa wrote:

That’s why magick in any true sense, is and will always be personal.

Magic is sublime or this is to say it is beyond you. You know how the night sky is sublime and is beyond you. Thinking about the night sky and vastness of space implies that you are very very tiny. My apartment is personal. In respect, the Earth isn’t. So, if there was a tornado or an earthquake, my poor little personal space would be rattled around or outright obliterated. Magic is sublime in that sense. Magic is not your personal space, like your apartment; rather, magic is literally like the sun, the ocean, the Earth moving, etc. in respect to the house you live in. That’s why mistakes can be so catastrophic, because magic is literally like a raging inferno, a tsunami, a tornado, etc. Most people are just unable to get close enough to the sun for their wings to melt when it comes to magic.

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