Constructs Are Inside and Outside Your Head

So, if a person thinks about a ball being in between their hands, they are intentionally arranging their thoughts and experiences; therefore, a construct exists. This construct exists within their brain; however, since space and time are higher dimensions of their brain, this thought that is inside their brain also exists in space and time. So, the construct that is their thought is in their brain which is in space and time. A psychic domain is a higher-dimensional domain than space and time, so this implies that the thought in a person’s brain also exists in that psychic domain. Since that is the case, that means information about that ball they thought about is accessible on a higher domain. By virtue of thinking about a ball that exists in-between their hands, that thought exists in their brain and therefore on a higher dimension. This implies constructs can simply be created by thinking about something. Since a construct can be formed by simply thinking about something, this implies that one does not need someone to verify if it was created. This also means that one can forgo energy manipulation techniques that are found in a lot of paradigms derived from occultism altogether. If you can know that you thought about something, then the construct exists. Whenever people create psychic and magical constructs, the idea is that it is doing something. Whenever we refer to something performing an action on something else, we evaluate how well the action was performed based on something else changing. When something acts on something, this tacitly means that thing is changed in some way or form. When one thing changes another thing, this is tacitly thought of as a force. In other words, we can think of this ball we thought about as doing something based on its ability to change an attribute of something else.

Influence is a general way of thinking about how one thing can cause a change in another thing. This implies a relationship. In other words, influences are predicated on relationships. So, in this context, you have this idea of a ball in your brain. Because the ball is in your brain it also exists on a higher-dimension because all things that exist on a lower dimension also exists on a higher-dimension at the same time. So, the ball exists; however, that doesn’t necessarily imply it is doing anything. It doing something is based on it being able to change something else which implies it has some aspect of the capacity to change something behind it. That capacity to to cause a change in something is facilitated by a relationship and that relationship is facilitated by a union among different physical entities and objects via how they relate in terms of a higher domain. Think of it as the lines of a triangle are connected by the shape of the triangle. If instead of three lines in one shape, you had three separate lines, one line could not relate to another. By virtue of having a triangle or even a square, you have lines that relate to each other in such a way they are connected. The higher-dimensional shape unifies the lower dimensional lines and through that union, you can have influence exerted. Intuitively, we do not think of information as a agent of change; however, when something gets information where it is changed in order to account for that information, configurations are changed and are thus different where that information caused it to be different.

The answer to the question of whether you created a construct is always yes if you thought about the construct. And, if the question is whether the construct is doing something, then the answer to that question would be an evaluation of there being a correlated change in one thing because of your construct. If something changes because of your construct, which is the thing you thought about, then this implies that your construct is actively exerting an influence on something else. This can be determined by evaluating what has been changed. It is not necessary to follow paradigms that propose subtle energies nor is it necessary to adopt views of consciousness where consciousness is not caused by or is an abstraction of a person’s brain. Because physical objects are contained within a higher-dimensional realm, this means that thoughts, too, are contained in a higher-dimensional realm where information about those thoughts can contained a higher-dimensional networks or as consistent objects with autonomy beyond your brain and mind making it so that your thoughts are both inside and outside of your head.

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