Domains of Psychic Perception and Influence

It is awfully tempting to think of psychic domains that have a range of possible forces as psychic fields of some sort of “subtle” energy because of a tacit assumption that in all cases, energy is expended to have a force. Possible forces are possible things a person can interact with. For example, knowing the thought of a person influences your experience, so it is acting as a force. It is quite intuitive to think that if you have a force, you have energy that caused the force in proportional ways. The reality is quite counter-intuitive. Energy is mathematically closely associated with a derivative. It’s basically the potential for something to change. The force of something is the ability of something to cause a change in another thing where that thing now has a derivative I.e. energy. In this example, through a psychic relationship, a person’s thoughts have influenced your experience so there is a difference between what it was and what it is now. You have a change in your experience in respect to how it was influenced by the thoughts of someone else. Energy is a measurement of change. Force is the ability to cause a change. Power and causality are abstractions of force and influence. When you exert a force on something, you have the power to cause something to happen. There are two weird things that violate intuition. One, abstract forces can impart energy while not necessarily having energy. You can cause things to happen without energy which causes those things to then have energy. Two, you can get some weird asymptotic behavior that gives you a horizontal asymptote. To say it a different way, the amount of force as it relates to energy could level off at a certain point such that an infinite amount of energy could give you a finite amount of force. This means zero energy could give you a possibly infinite force or infinite energy could result in zero force. I’m not saying that is necessarily the case; I am saying that it could be the case in some situations. We don’t have enough information on these things yet to know the formulas by which these things play by. A lot of energy working paradigms make tacit assumptions when the reality is likely a lot more complex and weirder. Concepts of fields and amounts of energy are irrelevant outside the presence of formulas that have not been discovered yet.

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