Domains of Psychic Perception and Influence

The psychic domain of a person is the totality of valid things they can interact with and their psychic field is an abstraction of vectors that have the potential for change at all points of that subset of their psychic domain. A person’s psychic field would not extend completely over their psychic domain. Entities would only be within the range of that field if, at every point in that vector space, there was the potential for influence in some direction. Mathematically, this is called a vector field. It is tempting to think of psychic domains and psychic fields as having something that can be concretely thought of as a substance that is normally referred to as “energy” within various paradigms. That is not entirely accurate. What you have, instead, are relationships and possible ways things can change. You have matrices and fields over those matrices and ways things can change and transform. From that, you can derive eigenvalues which represent the harmonics of that system. That is abstract. A more concrete way to think about it is if you think about each object in a psychic field of a domain as a ball attached to a spring. The harmonics represent how springy things are and how they bounce around, and a coiled spring has potential because it can uncoil. It can tacitly be interpreted to be energy; however, it is important to note it is quite abstract.

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