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This is a random, impromptu discussion that happened on my Discord server. Using psychic abilities to teleport is something a lot of people are interested in where there isn’t that much information on it. I had been intending to write a post about it for a while; however, my life is such that time is limited. Because it is such a common question with few answers, I decided to curate the discussion. One of the reasons why it has taken me so long to write a post on how to go about doing it is that psychic teleportation seems to be a complex ability meaning it seems to be a combination of three abstract skills: clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis. This is why I recommended smaller tasks that develop clairvoyance and psychokinetic exercises that are fun ways to develop precise and accurate control over complex ensembles.

Rayn198806 April 12th at 10:31 AM
Magicians_Ace wrote:

Can anyone explain to me the equation for spacetime and an einstein Rosen bridge?

You won’t understand the equation unless you have an advanced grasp of Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, and Calculas at least. How far are you along with your Math?

Magicians_Ace April 12th at 10:32 AM

Rayn198806 April 12th at 10:33 AM
Yeah, you got a ways. Basically, it’s a solution that is contingent on a determinant. To understand what that is, you need a dose of Linear Algebra.
PBS Spacetime has a playlist that might help, though.
Check this out:
PBS Spacetime Blackhole Playlist

Magicians_Ace April 12th at 10:34 AM
Okay cool
Thank you

Rayn198806 April 12th at 10:35 AM
That’s a playlist so all those videos well help. No problem.
Why are you asking about Einstein Rosen bridgs, though?

Magicians_Ace April 12th at 10:35 AM
I’m trying to understand worm holes
To attempt to recreate one

Rayn198806 April 12th at 10:36 AM
Basically, a property of a wormhole is such that if any bit of matter gets into it, it collapses.
If this is for some sort of psychic or magical project, psychic stuff works through higher-dmensions without need for a wormhole.
Meaning you don’t need a wormhole to join say the past and the future. You can just perceive the future.

Magicians_Ace April 12th at 10:38 AM
I’m trying to get through space. Like a portal.

Rayn198806 April 12th at 10:40 AM
You don’t need a wormhole. Basically, you just need to shift future possibilities to make the possibility of you being somewhere else the probability that is the only one that can happen. To say it a different way, the universe keeps track of where things are in space in part by a vector called momentum. Where you are at and where you are going is correlated with probable futures by that vector.
For example, if you are in your kitchen and you want to teleport to your bedroom, you can just shift the probable future such that it reflects you being in your bedroom.

Magicians_Ace April 12th at 10:41 AM
I don’t understand

Rayn198806 April 12th at 10:42 AM
Say you have a pencil on the table and you wanted to move it with psychokinesis. You can do so by changing its momentum. Or, you intend for it to move and it slides across the table.
That is how it intuitively works. Or, you expect for it to roll.
Another way it could work is you can shift its position, or versus rolling, the pencil can just teleport to where you intended.
Got it?
Momentum is how fast and in what direction energy/matter is going. Position is where it is at. You can change where it is at without having to mess with its momentum.
It basically extends psychokinesis.
If you can influence the world by your intention, you can by the same mechanics teleport.
That’s an advanced trick, though.

Magicians_Ace April 12th at 10:45 AM
I see
I’m a long way from that.

Rayn198806 April 12th at 10:45 AM
I wrote some sources that will help

Making Psychic Arts More Reliable: Building Templates

Psychokinetically Picking Your Path

Magicians_Ace April 12th at 10:47 AM

Rayn198806 April 12th at 10:47 AM
So, here is the deal. In order to be able to do these things, you need to be able to accurately perceive and know physical states. In essence, you are interacting with histories. The first link will show you how to create workbooks for you to practice with. Just follow the guide for anything you might want to influence or interact with or teleport.
The second link is a fun way of playing around with manipulating histories.
By changing attributes of temporal histories, you can do weird things like teleportation and time dilation without messing with black holes and such.

Magicians_Ace April 12th at 10:50 AM
Ok, cool. Thank you.

Rayn198806 April 12th at 10:51 AM
No problem.

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