Harmonically Bridging The Future

My fiancé is a genius! He used his intuitive knowledge as a singer to help me figure out how to make manipulation of reality through manipulation of probable futures consistent. Temporal histories and probabilities are basically a set of harmonics, according to Physics. Time is less like a line and more like a collection of superimposed sinusoidal waves. You can see this if you look at how you can use Fourier Transformation (FT) to turn instances of time-dependent objects into frequency spectrums. Since the intervals of edges of concepts are “like” time in a lot of ways, you can apply a similar system of harmonics to them. I’ve been trying to use that property to come up with ways to formalize some things which has left me in a sea of ontological networks and Fourier Series equations that is making my head spin. I’ve been trying to create something protective for us and he keeps asking, “Is it done, yet?” I pretty much, in a frustrated way, told him I was having issues with the harmonics. He is a singer, actor, and performer, so I asked him for his help.

I told him that futures are manipulated by compressing the harmonics of the probability wave. I asked him how I could do I do that harmonically. He said to think of the whole thing as two parts of a tune (I think; I’m still slightly confused about how he explained it). The past and the future. The past events that have happened have their own harmonics and that I just need to create a harmonic bridge between the harmonics of the past and the future. He said I need to find a collection of past instances in time and bridge them with the future I want to create. He is way better at me and has a way better “ear” than me as far as music is concerned, so I’m having a hard time with understanding how he wants us to use a bridge. He showed me some songs and was like are you familiar with beat drops? I’m like what?! He gets on Youtube, pulls up a music video, and makes waves with his hands in time to the tune and then says the bridge is coming up. He draws my attention to a part of the song and said that is the bridge.

So, I am going to have him tap into my experience of probabilities, interpret them as music, and have him do that stuff. He is an empath. When I asked about his experience of music, he said he experiences music as feelings. I can give him the connection and the power he needs, but I have nowhere near his finesse. He then showed me examples of different songs. I was like so do I need an amplifier? His response was “For what? What are you amplifying?” I’m like damn, I was doing this wrong. My fiancé gave me an example of having an orchestra and someone trying to make something louder so they just start banging loudly and randomly on drums. You’re just making noise he said.

He said you just need to create a bridge to tie the harmonics (which are probabilities) together. He is not a Math or Physics person so how he can just understand this stuff is amazing! I don’t have the experience to do this without his help, so I am just going to act as a conduit and have him do his stuff. He is better with harmonics than I am. It was an awesome conversation last night. I drew the waves of psychic harmonics and asked him what they would sound like. He said that spread out waves sounds more like an ambient hum (unlikely probabilities). The shorter you make them, the more they sound like a buzz (likely probabilities). So, likely probabilities sound like a buzz and unlikely probabilities sound like an ambient hum. This man amazes me! He is really amazing.

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