The Existence of Chakras

I will get more into the dynamics and technological attributes of magical and psychic constructs in another post. I have been spending a lot of time lately in various mystical, occult, and preturnatural servers and the concept that keeps showing up lately is whether or not chakras, meridians, energy bodies, etc. exists or whether or not they are constructs. Are they “natural” or did someone make them up? The answer is it practically doesn’t matter, because anything can potentially be argued to be a construct, so it makes no meaningful difference.

Here is the interesting thing: a generic construct is simply the intentional arrangement of elements. It can be ideas, it can be emotions, it can be paint, it can be how your apartment is arranged, it can be how you decided to dress yourself, it is a computer, etc. What makes a construct a construct is a human arranging things in accordance with an abstract form – a teleology.

There is something called supervenience. That is a formal way of stating that two or more things have the same order of properties such that one is indistinguishable from the other. For example, if take the two names “Rayn” and “Rayn”, they are identical to each other such that if I switched “Rayn” and “Rayn”, you could not tell the difference between the two versus if I had “Rayn” and “Aryn”. If I switched the two and had “Aryn” and “Rayn”, you can tell I switched them. “Aryn” and “Rayn” are comprised of the same letters. The difference is in the sequence or arrangement of those letters. Since the sequences are different, the two names are not indistinguishable; therefore, they are not identical.

Here is the interesting thing about supervenience. It implies a propagation of properties. Relative to this topic, if a human can acquire information that describes something accurately and precisely in such a way that they can intentionally replicate it such that the replication is indistinguishable from the original, this implies they are identical including that teleological property from being intentional. Another way to think about it is that it is possible, and in some cases probable, for something to be duplicated; therefore, that possibility is part of what defines it. Think of teleporters in Star Trek. When they materialize wherever they are going, the teleporter is reconstructing their body. That implies that whatever the teleporter can teleport, it can be, and is, replicated in the reconstitution/materialization phase. This implies that whatever goes out is a construct indistinguishable from before it went into the teleporter.

If a human can intentionally and teleologically arrange elements such that it imitates something “in nature”, that implies that the original and the replication are both constructs in that it is possible to intentionally replicate something as a construct. In other words, if a human can imitate it, it’s a construct.

Going back to the topic of chakras, this means whether or not chakras are a construct is contingent on whether or not chakras can be imitated. If a person by some sort of psychic or magical art can imitate chakras, meridians, or energy bodies such that it is indistinguishable from an “original”, it not only is a redundancy, that redundancy implies that there exists a possibility for those subtle energy systems to be a construct. This implies the crux of the argument is whether or not a chakra can be technologically created. When I say technologically, I mean some sort of formal system of knowledge and techniques. In order to propose that any sort of thing isn’t a possible construct, you have to additionally propose there is a “special” property that makes it so redundancies are not possible by the way of some human technique/technology. You tend to hear that argument in the context of supposed “divine” things where divinity bestows a special characteristic that cannot be duplicated by humans. Chakras can be imitated ergo chakras are constructs.

There is a lot of literature on the connection between “subtle energy systems” and health. Influence is just part of an abstraction of force. If one thing can influence something else, this implies one thing can exert a force on something else. “Physical” forces tend to interact more strongly with physical things. Being hit with a baseball bat will likely cause more damage than someone intending to hit you. Applied to physiology, you’re more likely to get sick if there is a physical pathogen than if your chakra system is out of wack. That’s not always the case, though. If a chakra, meridian, etc. is closely associated with and coherent with a physical organ, then it can influence those organs via acting as a vector. To get something like that, though, you have to have a level of coherence and close association that most people don’t have; therefore, it is unlikely for most people to have energy body system issues impact their health in major ways where a corollary to that would be energy based healing modalities that depend on a person’s body healing itself would not work for most people (like Reiki). The same would go for attacks.

Supervenience is an important aggregate property for psychic entities. Think of it like this: part of the psychic domain are physical possibilities albeit it is not minimally defined by those possibilities. This implies that a psychic object can have arranged properties that are indistinguishable from ensembles of kinetic energy and forces. This allows it to “imitate” physical forces. That implies chakras can act as if they were physical forces on the body. The point is, though, that is not the case for most people, for most people are tied more strongly to archetypes of their physical organs over archetypes of chakras and energy bodies.

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