Talisman of Focusing Rings Conceptual Fields, Atomic Concepts, and Energy Flow

So, this is a complex sorcerous talisman of mine. With talismans, the symbols act as conduits. The power comes from the entities (in this case psychic objects) associated with the representation. It’s a talisman of rings that defines a domain that acts as a loci for Experience, Perception, Awareness, Formation, Desire, and Fantasy so that psychic power resonates and is amplified. Those concepts comprise the nodes of the outer ring and the lines throughout the talisman are a mapping of the psychic forces from those concepts – it acts as a vector of psychic forces. Since this is also a quotient set, this implies it is also a field. This means that the domain of the focusing rings are a formal field of the denoted sphere. The sphere creates its own field that has forces, in other words. It was created from an algorithm that builds an equivalence class from the 21 times table in mod 200. You can think of these rings as bouncing around the energy from the concepts by reflecting them from sources that relate to one another in such a way to draw fractal, self-feeding structures of psychic energy by creating paths. It creates a dynamical, holographic, psychic projection.

For a look at the mathematics behind how it bounces energy around, check out: The Reflection of Light Rays in a Cup of coffee or The curves Obtained with bnmod p

With Labeled Concepts (click to enlarge)
Without Labeled Concepts (click to enlarge)

Conceptual Fields, Atomic Concepts, and Energy Flow

In these sort of practices, there is an idea of energy flow. The focusing rings create a vector field and that vector field determines how the energy of the concepts can flow. Below is a visualization of the forces of the concepts of the focusing rings. The visualization was created via applying a force-directed graph drawing algorithm to a randomized graph of the focusing rings that preserved its edges. In other words, I destroyed the focusing rings and then allowed atoms of the concepts to be arranged by the collective field. Notice how structures are formed. Think of it like psychic chemistry. The concepts are atomic in the graphs because in these graphs, they cannot be broken down into smaller concepts. Each atomic concept has a relationship at least to itself or other atomic concepts. They relate to each other and form structures due to the glue of the energy of the relation. Mass is energy and the energy of the concepts comes from the degree of their relations (how massive a conceptual structure is would be determined by how many concepts are stuck together). These rings were constructed from counting in a circle.

I am not pragmatically using the phrase “energy” or “psychic energy” – I am not using the phrase because this seems and feels as if it is similar to what I am describing in this article. Energy is an abstract property that is a function of a derivative. Simply stated, you get energy from how you can change something. If there is a valid way or relation or rule that allows you to move from one concept to another concept, you have a derivative. That means you have some property of energy that emerges from how the concepts are differentiated. The integral is experience in an abstract, phenomenal connotation. This give you the arrows and the arrows represent vectors.

With labeled concepts (click to enlarge)
Without labeled concepts (click to enlarge)

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