How to Control People’s Minds

Below is my response to a question someone asked on a forum about psychic mind control. Since this is such a common question, I decided to curate my explanation of how to it could be done. Yes, it is possible for someone to take control of your brain. Because of the moral and ethical contexts around that along with the fear it conjures up in people’s heads, it is normally hard to get a straight response if you asks people or go looking for how to do it. I don’t believe in censorship, so if you asks me how to do it and I can do it, I will answer you. Just know all consequences as a result are your responsibility.

Controlling people’s minds by fully dilating the pupils. Does anyone know how to do this? I have a passage which talks about flooding someone’s mind with subtle energy and then influencing them

You can control a person’s choices by making the conditional event of the decision you intended for them to make coherent and certain (it is the only outcome that is now possible). You make it certain the aggregate probabilities and events will add up to the outcome of whatever you have decided for them. The relations and behaviors of the things involved(neural pathways and how they fire for example) to do that would be an arrangement of how the physical states are currently biased that requires the least amount of change. You hijack a person’s brain in order to control their mind. From an experiential sense, if a person makes a choice based on their experience and their perception of that experience, then this would likely result in an illusion being created in their mind that facilitates them making the choice you would like them to make. Below is an article I wrote on a psychokinetic exercise that can be extended to this, or you can play around with manipulating complex paths with the link, below:

Psychokinetically Picking Your Path

Pupil dilation when controlling minds is something you see in Push and Mutant X. It is a fictitious device; however, in some cases I have experienced, manipulating people’s minds is sometimes complimented by an illusion centered around that person’s eyes albeit their eyes are not changing – the perception around the eyes in the other person is. Intuitively, it seems as if a lot of energy means a lot of influence, right? Technically, no, because, generically, energy is really only useful based on how the involved entities are arranged. In this particular context, it is only useful if it is coherent and the energy involved is an aggregate and emergent property based on how the concepts are arranged which are collectively abstracted by your intention. To say it a different way, how your intention is formed matters more because the energy would be emergent from that and if that is not coherent, the energy will not be coherent which will make it not very useful and not very capable of exerting an influence.

I am stressing coherence for an important reason. Physical reality is really an abstraction of things like temporal coherence which is really a propagation of sine waves where spatial coherence is the phase state of those waves. Fourier Transforms (FT) show this. Reality is really bits of data that correspond to measurements that broadly are atomic values for information that is correlated with probabilities in the form of histories. Measurements are intuitively thought of in the descriptive sense; however, measurements can be either descriptive or prescriptive. Or, the physical state you are in while in the present is really the summation of all past histories of you. In playing around with things like that, you are playing around, really, with coherence. When you bias a particular event, technically, you are making that event more coherent. That means the amount of energy is less important than the coherence you have, so techniques that revolve around flooding things with energy to influence them are not particularly useful. So, no, you cannot control someone’s mind by simply flooding them with energy directed out of your eyes.

For some reason, people are squeamish about this topic and censor it, as a whole, so it is hard to find good information. That is why I am responding. The idea is morally problematic but how to do it is rather intuitive once you realize that living things are really like complex dice rolls being suspended in randomly moving water with bits of oil in it. This allows you to create nice little analogs to practice on that you can scale up to practicing with the choices of someone. Seriously, try that. Biological systems are chaotic (like dice rolls) and random (like hot water) with lots of lipids thrown in there (oil). The problem is versus a top-down perspective, a lot of paradigms of psychic influence teach bottom-up starting from the particulars of their ethics and how that relates to the particulars of their system versus teaching it abstractly.

A lot of the nuances of what was going on really didn’t make as much sense as it does now until I started delving very deeply into Mathematics where I learned how to use what seems very abstract in applied ways, so I recommend people pick up books on Algebra, Linear Algebra, and Graph Theory over books built on mystical cosmology just because any larger non-atomic concept can be thought of as a tree of related concepts whose relationships can be thought of as vectors that correspond to way things could change. You have an abstract framework that can be applied to the dynamics of what is going on with psychic interactions. A lot of stuff didn’t make sense until I started talking to Mathematicians.

Here are helpful sources:
Noein Library: Mathematics Books

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