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So, I have given this site a long overdue haul over. I had the same site design for years and was on Joomla 1.5 that really doesn’t work like it is supposed to on PHP 5 and above. Upgrading to later versions of Joomla would have been a headache, I was not quite fond of the Joomla 3 templates I had been seeing, and WordPress seemed like a good option and is popular, so I decided to pretty much move from an old version of Joomla to WordPress. Another reason why I decided to transition over to WordPress was because I wanted to try my hand at a more blog like format. I have to say I am actually quite pleased with my decision. I had been dissatisfied with the old site for a while now but did not have time to update it, or, to be frank, really felt like it.

I plan on leveraging social media for this site. I probably will create a Facebook page, a Reddit account, and a Twitter account. I had actually planned to do that tonight, but I sat down, am eating popcorn, and have a funny moving in the background that I am watching with my boyfriend, so you know how that goes. I’ll probably get around to it tomorrow. After I make a new posts or addition, I will probably share it on social media with the corresponding tags. I have not decided if I want to do a Discord server or not. I would not mind hanging out and talking to people, since I am always logged in on Discord on my phone; however, I want this site to be more of a blog/resource over a community.

Additional plans I have for the site besides the usual syndication of content, media, and “articles” I have written is pretty much to blog about my practices, thoughts, and experiences. I’ll try and blog everyday in the morning and/or evening. Ambitious, I know, but if I don’t set some regular time, I probably won’t do it. Pretty much, that is fate of every blog I have started. Hopefully, this one is a little different.

Also, if I have time, I would like to create games or an arcade for people to use to practice their psychic abilities with complete with ways to analyze multiple trials. To go along with that, one of the things I have in mind is to post resources and possibly write an article on how to properly analyze results and gather data. A Twitter bot may be in the future. If so, I am not sure where I would deploy it. AWS, maybe? Perhaps Microsoft Azure.

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